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Google Cloud Next 2019 | Automating Application Modernization on Google Cloud Platform

There are four distinct patterns that apply to nearly every modernization initiative when moving applications to the cloud: 1) A brownfield strategy – to address existing enterprise applications – is critical to success, since non-cloud workloads can dominate the enterprise; 2) enterprises need to adequately understand the impact that “”cloud native”” guidelines have on existing applications in each enterprise app portfolio; 3) conflicting priorities, lack of clarity, and lack of subject matter expert (SMEs) bandwidth can spell doom for a transformation initiative; and 4) application modernization efforts must be structured and highly automated to deliver ROI. Join this session to understand how to successfully execute brownfield application modernization initiatives and automate the implementation of “”cloud native”” guidelines using Atos’ “SyntBots” automation platform. You can expect to learn how to apply and automate “cloud native” principles, as well as best practices for achieving a digital and GCP transformation in a brownfield scenario.

Speaker(s): Ashok Balasubramanian

Session ID: SPTL112

Citi I/O



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