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Google Cloud Next 2019 | NYC Strong: Intelligence, Security, and Response on GCP

Creating a secure cyber infrastructure becomes more challenging each and every day. Organizations are requiring a broader and deeper understanding of threat intelligence data to secure our networks and defend against threats.

Regardless of scale, log events can tell a story that helps to defend your networks and prevent a catastrophic breach that would otherwise cripple operations. New York City uses log events to keep over 8.5 million citizens and 60 million visitors safe every second of every day while using their networks.

Join New York City Cyber Command to understand how you can leverage Google Cloud to centralize, analyze, and respond to cyber threats to better secure your cyber infrastructure regardless of where it resides.

Speaker(s): Colin Ahern, Ryan Mulholland

Session ID: IOT208

Product:BigQuery,Cloud Pub/Sub,Cloud Dataflow;

Citi I/O



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