Microsoft Build 2019 | Create a truly conversational bot in minutes using the QnA Maker Cognitive Service

Session ID: BDL2023


Using QnA Maker, you can easily create a bot using your existing data – like FAQ pages, support websites, Product manuals or documentation. QnA Maker extracts Q&A pairs from your data and represents them in an easy to manage knowledge base. It now also understands relationships between the Q&A pairs in your data and creates multi-turn dialogs. You can edit, delete and author more dialogs in the easy to use UI and quickly test it to see how your bot will work. To give your bot a dash of personality- you can add curated chit-chat data from 5 pre-defined personalities. Once you have trained, tested and published your knowledge base- you can deploy it to a bot with a few clicks using a pre-built bot framework template. Your bot will get smarter with time and usage, by getting feedback with the Active learning feature.

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