Since 2010, ABB has powered forward the global e-mobility transition with a host of technological achievements. We list some of the most notable highlights here.

2010 ABB provides Europe’s first 50kW charger (Netherlands)

The first commercial EV charging station in Europe is opened in Holland, equipped with a 50kW ABB fast-charger. The station is located within a conventional petrol station in the city of Leeuwarden. A local taxi company immediately converts some of its larger vehicles to run as EVs, to take advantage of the new facility.

2012 First demo of CCS charging by ABB & CCS alliance (U.S.)

ABB is first to display a working prototype of a Combined Charging System (CCS) fast-charger at U.S. and German trade shows in 2012. Open-standard CCS chargers are de-signed to promote EV use, by simplifying the charging experience for any user.

2012-2013 ABB chargers for the first nationwide DC charging networks (Estonia, Den-mark & Nether-lands)

The growth of country-wide charging networks in Denmark, Estonia and the Netherlands is supported by ABB. Networks with more than 100 ABB DC Fast Chargers installed in those countries jointly with entrepreneurial first to market Charge-Point-Operators.

2014 ABB supplies first certified multi-standard charger with 3 plugs (CCS, ChaDeMo and AC) globally

ABB is first to supply a certified multi-standard charger – the Terra 53 fast-charger – around the world. Terra 53’s broad charging compatibility supports all current and next-generation EVs, thanks to open industry interfaces.

2016 ABB provides Europe’s first electric bus chargers

Europe’s first e-bus charging system, using ABB OppCharge technology, is installed in Ar-endal, Gothenburg, Sweden. The open-standard system is developed in partnership with Volvo, but designed to allow buses made by other manufacturers to benefit from the charging facility.

2018 ABB named official charging partner for the Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY race series

Custom ABB fast-chargers are supplied to the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY race series – a world-first for motorsport.

2018 ABB supplies Europe’s first electric truck chargers

With eTrucks predicted to make up 15 percent of total truck sales by 2030, ABB develops portfolio of heavy vehicle charging solutions from 3 to 600 kW.

2018 ABB is first to market with liquid cooled high-power chargers

Chargers enable 500A or 350kW. Two cross-continent Charge-Point Operators (Electrify America and IONITY) select ABB to supply these Terra HP chargers.

2018 ABB powers world’s first autonomous electric passenger bus pilot

The pilot autonomous bus project at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) relies on two ABB Heavy Vehicle Chargers (HVCs) to power the world’s first electric, fully autonomous 40-seater bus-es. Two HVCs charge a pair of 12-meter autonomous Volvo eBuses in 3-6 minutes.

2019 ABB signs agreement to charge Singapore’s first electric buses in 2020

Smart-charging solutions from ABB are chosen as the electric bus charging infrastructure for a fleet of 40 eBuses in Singapore.

2019 ABB supplies EV charging solutions for Germany’s first fully electric bus depot

ABB supplies end-to-end EV charging solution for Germany’s largest electric bus depot at Hamburger Hochbahn, using 150kW sequential charging overnight.

2020 ABB provides integrated e-mobility solution to Singapore’s first fully automated shipping terminal

The first application of ABB chargers to serve a fleet of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in commercial operation, at Singapore’s Tuas Port. The first berth will be in service in 2021 and the port fully operational by 2040.

2020 ABB provides first chargers to emerging e-mobility markets, Mongolia and Pakistan

The Terra 53 charging station installed in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, is the country’s first DC EV fast charger station. Emerging markets are enjoying rapid growth in EV use.

2020 ABB to provide charging technology for the Gen3 cars in the ABB FIA Formula E World Champion-ship – the first all-electric global race series.

By Season 9 of the series, in 2022-23, ABB will be the Official Charging Supplier to the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

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