AI, Blockchain, and Healthcare: The Three Musketeers


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain are mind-blowing technologies.

Combining these emerging technologies may help solve some of the most challenging problems in the health sector today.


AI in Healthcare

AI as a tool can shape how doctors and health institutions access enormous amounts of life-saving data.

This novel invention will boost the learning process for hundreds of thousands of global medical professionals, pushing for better treatment everywhere. This includes impoverished nations where access to such critical data is currently unrealistic.


Medical Data Analysis

AI can promote better data analysis in the healthcare sector by quickly assessing why a medical condition outcome occurs.

Intelligent medical devices can quickly detect patients who may require special medically enhanced procedures, hence significantly reducing risks and promoting quality services. Once the machines analyze this data, it can be stored on the blockchain.


Symptom Tracking of Patients

AI is currently used in tracking patients who have developed COVID-19. It can also tell us whether a patient is likely to survive, and what treatment is best for a particular patient.

AI can be an excellent tool for individualized therapy in cancer treatment and can significantly help minimize missteps in cancer diagnosis.

This technology may also be handy in general screening and help in detecting early stages of cancer hence helping in formulating new medications.


Record Keeping

Keeping medical data safe is the most significant blockchain healthcare application. Like any other field, medicine has been subjected to security and privacy issues.

Blockchain innovation can help conserve decentralized, trustworthy, and easily accessible medical data, therefore, becoming a great security tool.

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A smart contract is another significant element in blockchain technology that can help modernize the medical field, hence ensuring medical records are well understood and easily verifiable across the entire industry.


Medical Supply Chain

The healthcare sector has its fair share of supply chain-related issues.

Rising prices are a significant challenge, and stakeholders are keen on implementing a technological solution to address this.

Blockchain technology will unlock transparent healthcare data-sharing and is an excellent tool for the industry to shift towards value-based care.

Blockchain can be used as a great tracking tool for medical suppliers, enabling open-source tracking of medicine and other medical supplies from manufacturers to the end-user.

This can help in reducing theft and providing clarity on users and movement of these supplies.

Additionally, the distributed larger technology can help in managing inventory while at the same time providing faster and transparent payment systems through cryptocurrency-based payment solutions.

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