The Criptonite Metaverse Real Estate AMC is the world’s first digital real estate investment product. It was launched by the fintech GenTwo Digital in partnership with both Exclusible and Criptonite. An online party was staged for the market launch.

Three companies have partnered to launch the Metaverse’s first digital real estate investment product, the Criptonite Metaverse Real Estate AMC. For this, the Zurich-based securitization specialist GenTwo Digital, the Lisbon-based NFT marketplace for luxury brands, Exclusible, and the Geneva-based cryptocurrency asset manager, Criptonite, have joined forces. To celebrate the launch of the Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) Criptonite Metaverse Real Estate, the Crypto Night Party was held in Decentraland on the evening of April 8. This is first event held by GenTwo’s web3 conference organizer AssetRush.

According to a press release, the focus of this “exclusive investment product” is digital luxury real estate, i.e. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), in the Metaverse, a future giant network of virtual worlds including a virtual economy and virtual societies. The investment product is intended to allow institutional investors to participate directly in the development of the Metaverse and digital assets.

“We are proud to announce our next major Metaverse investment product in view of the unbelievable possibilities that the Metaverse offers”, comments Philippe Naegeli, CEO of GenTwo, in the press release. “We believe that our curated luxury digital properties will give both new and crypto-savvy professional investors the confidence they need to take their first steps into the Metaverse”, explains Exclusible co-founder Romain Girbal. “Thanks to this AMC, you don’t have to be a ‘geek’ to invest in the Metaverse”, he adds.

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