Apple expands developer support and resources


07 June 2024
Apple expands developer support and resources

Apple is committed to supporting app creators across the globe and helping them do their best work in service of their users. Through a myriad of online and in-person programs, Apple encourages developers to connect directly with experts to receive guidance on their apps and games and explore the latest in Apple tools, technologies, features, and best practices.

Apple has expanded on opportunities for developers to engage with experts, reaching creators and innovators from over 160 countries in 2023. In advance of WWDC24, Apple has also launched additional avenues to reach developers globally, including updated Apple Developer Forums, Pathways, and more.

“It’s an honour and a privilege for our teams to work directly with developers at every stage of their journeys, from students and hobbyists, to budding entrepreneurs and coding professionals,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “We’re always looking for new ways to support this amazing community as they bring their visions to life and push the boundaries of what is possible.”


Last year, Apple was able to help developers realize their full potential through a variety of learning opportunities. Meet with Apple Experts had nearly 50,000 developer engagements online and in person in 2023. Participants dove into the latest Apple tools and resources to bring their apps to the next level, and connected directly with Apple experts for insight, support, and feedback. Apple Developer Centers in the U.S., China, India, and Singapore have served as homes for a variety of year-round developer engagements, and offer a supportive environment for developers to learn how to grow their businesses and improve their apps. Developers can register for new upcoming sessions, workshops, labs, and one-on-one consultations on an ongoing basis to access support, no matter where they are on their development journey.

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Apple Developer Centers offer a supportive environment for developers to learn how to grow their businesses and improve their apps, no matter where they are on their development journey.

Apple Vision Pro developer labs have enabled developers to experience their visionOS, iPadOS, or iOS apps and games running on Apple Vision Pro. Since their launch in June 2023, the labs have seen over 6,000 visits from developers who worked side by side with Apple experts in Cupertino, New York, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo to optimize their apps for the infinite spatial canvas.

Developers can experience their visionOS, iPadOS, or iOS apps and games running on Apple Vision Pro with Apple Vision Pro developer labs.

Apple Developer Academies and Apple Foundation Programs offer students around the globe the opportunity to explore the essentials of app development and sharpen their coding skills. In 2023, the Developer Academies trained over 1,900 students. Separately, more than 1,800 students went through an Apple Foundation Program. Last year saw the biggest cohort of female students ever in both programs, with women representing 53 percent of students at the Academies and 38 percent of participants of the Foundation Programs.

Apple Foundation Programs saw the biggest cohort of female students ever, with women representing 38 percent of participants.

Apple Entrepreneur Campis a technology lab that helps entrepreneurs and developers from underrepresented groups create the next generation of cutting-edge apps. Apple hosted another five distinct cohorts in 2023 with founders, engineers, coders, and designers around the world. The program has already supported hundreds of app creators and is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. Founders and developers who are interested in applying can sign up to be notified about upcoming cohorts.

Ahead of WWDC24 next week, Apple Developer Forumshave been updated, connecting developers with more experts and other developers for timely responses to technical questions, and providing code-level support from Apple engineers. The forums have also been reorganised into a streamlined layout by topics, subtopics, and corresponding tags.

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Pathways are simple and easy-to-navigate collections of videos, documentation, and resources that can help developers build great apps and games and empower them to take the first step toward developing for Apple platforms. Since its launch in May, over 40,000 developers have accessed content on Pathways for insights into app design, Swift, SwiftUI, game development, visionOS, and distributing on the App Store.

This year, developers can experience WWDC on YouTube for the first time, in addition to the Apple Developer app and website. Developers can visit the Apple Developer channel to subscribe and explore video sessions from the conference.

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