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Boston Dynamics Supports MA Bill on Responsible Use of Robots

The bill, An Act to ensure the responsible use of advanced robotic technologies, prohibits the manufacture, sale, and operation of robots or drones that are mounted with a weapon. If signed into law, the bill will be the first-in-the-nation to implement common-sense…

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A Replacement For Traditional Motors Could Enhance Next-Gen Robots

A replacement for traditional motors could enhance next-gen robots Researchers at Stanford have designed a spring-assisted actuator – a device that can accomplish dynamic tasks using a fraction of the energy previously required. View video here. Whether it’s a powered prosthesis to…

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Boston Dynamics AI Institute Coming To Zurich

The Boston Dynamics AI Institute of the Hyundai Motor Company will establish a presence in Zurich at the start of 2024. The team in place here is set to focus on core areas of the institute such as Artificial Intelligence (AI),…

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Heat-resistant drone

Heat-Resistant Drones To Support Firefighters

A new heat-resistant drone could support firefighters and minimise the risk of dangerous operations by analysing the source of danger at close range during a fire. Swiss fire brigades were called out more than 15,000 times last year to fight fires….

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Speaking Robot: Our New AI Model Translates Vision And Language Into Robotic Actions

RT-2, our new vision-language-action model, helps robots more easily understand and perform actions — in both familiar and new situations. For decades, when people have imagined the distant future, they’ve almost always included a starring role for robots. Robots have been…

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“A Field Guide To AI: For Business, Institutions, Society & Political Economy” — Your Essential Companion In Navigating the World of Artificial Intelligence.

This book is not just another textbook, academic journal, or report. It’s a unique blend—a field guide designed to help you get started and serve as a reminder of the essentials in the domain of Artificial Intellligence. It’s a collection of…

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The Technical Architecture And Components Of A.I. Systems

An effective AI system relies on various technical, infrastructure, network, storage, compute, and service architecture components working together. Here are some of the key components. Hardware. – CPUs (Central Processing Units): General-purpose processors that can handle a variety of tasks, including…

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The Geography Of Artificial Intelligence

There are some geographical advantages for nations when it comes to AI. Here are some of the leading levers geography is playing a role in. Access to Talent: Nations with top-tier universities and research institutions have an edge in attracting and…

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Open-Source Platform Simulates Wildlife For Soft Robotics Designers

Since the term “soft robotics” was adopted in 2008, engineers in the field have been building diverse representations of flexible machines useful in exploration, locomotion, rehabilitation, and even space. One source of inspiration: the way animals move in the wild. A team of…

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Humanity VS Intelligence VS Artificial Intelligence, And Areas Of Study

Humanity refers to the collective qualities, characteristics, and behaviors that are associated with being human. It encompasses a wide range of traits and qualities, including: 1. Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of others. 2. Compassion: The ability…

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