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Introducing The GPT Store

We’re launching the GPT Store to help you find useful and popular custom versions of ChatGPT. It’s been two months since we announced GPTs, and users have already created over 3 million custom versions of ChatGPT. Many builders have shared their GPTs for…

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Google’s Gemini: Is The New AI Model Really Better Than ChatGPT?

MeSSrro/Shutterstock Michael G. Madden, University of Galway Google Deepmind has recently announced Gemini, its new AI model to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. While both models are examples of “generative AI”, which learn to find patterns of input training information to generate…

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How ChatGPT Altered Our World in Just One Year

In the digital age, the emergence of ChatGPT by OpenAI marked a turning point in artificial intelligence. More than a mere chatbot, ChatGPT represented a leap forward in AI interaction, blending advanced technology with an almost human-like ability to communicate. Its…

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Why Student Experiments With Generative AI Matter For Our Collective Learning

Universities are ideal spaces to forge co-operation across research fields, an imperative of developing responsible AI. (Shutterstock) Mohammad Keyhani, University of Calgary; Hadi Hemmati, York University, Canada, and Leslie Salgado, University of Calgary Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) tools like ChatGPT based…

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Why Student Experiments With Generative AI Matter For Our Collective Learning

Your new AI assistant will write poetry for you, generate ideas for your business, check your emails for mistakes and maybe even pass your MBA exam, albeit with only a B- average. But would you trust a well-meaning AI assistant that can…

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Ousted Sam Altman To Lead New Microsoft AI Team

Dozens of employees have reportedly walked from OpenAI since Sam Altman’s unexpected departure. Sam Altman, former CEO of ChatGPT maker OpenAI, will be joining Microsoft to head up a new advanced artificial intelligence (AI) research team, according to Microsoft CEO Satya…

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Introducing GPTs

You can now create custom versions of ChatGPT that combine instructions, extra knowledge, and any combination of skills. We’re rolling out custom versions of ChatGPT that you can create for a specific purpose—called GPTs. GPTs are a new way for anyone…

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Introducing Duet AI In Apigee API Management And Application Integration

For years, Google Cloud’s Apigee API Management has been helping customers around the globe build APIs for diverse use cases, environments, and scale. Now, with the help of generative AI, we are reimagining the way APIs and integrations are developed, making…

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How Generative AI Provides Opportunities For Jobs And Creativity

The rapid rise of generative AI tools like ChatGPT has sparked excitement about their creative potential but also concerns about their impacts on jobs. With the right approach, humans can steer this technology for our benefit rather than be displaced by…

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Homework, Study and Laptop

ChatGPT Isn’t The Death Of Homework – Just An Opportunity For Schools To Do Things Differently

Andy Phippen, Bournemouth University ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence (AI) platform launched by research company Open AI, can write an essay in response to a short prompt. It can perform mathematical equations – and show its working. ChatGPT is a generative AI…

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