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Helping Robots Avoid Collisions

George Konidaris still remembers his disheartening introduction to robotics. “When you’re a young student and you want to program a robot, the first thing that hits you is this immense disappointment at how much you can’t do with that robot,” he…

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Videogame Examines Racial Attitudes In Virtual Spaces

The national dialogue on race has progressed powerfully and painfully in the past year, and issues of racial bias in the news have become ubiquitous. However, for over a decade, researchers from MIT’s Imagination, Computation, and Expression Laboratory (ICE Lab) have…

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CSAIL To Launch New Initiative For Machine Learning Applications

This week CSAIL will be launching a new initiative focused on machine learning applications. MachineLearningApplications@CSAIL, or “MLA@CSAIL”, will focus on current challenges in machine learning to prepare industry members for digital transformation in their workplaces. “From manufacturing and retail to healthcare…

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AI Systems That Work With Doctors And Know When To Step In

In recent years, entire industries have popped up that rely on the delicate interplay between human workers and automated software. Companies like Facebook work to keep hateful and violent content off their platforms using a combination of automated filtering and human moderators. In…

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