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Amazon Prime Day 2023 Tech Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2023 –  Uncover the Best Deals on Computers and Electronics

Get ready to upgrade your digital life with the best deals on computers and electronics this Amazon Prime Day 2023! From cutting-edge gadgets to powerful computing devices, this is your chance to score incredible savings and elevate your digital experience like…

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Limits To Computing: A Computer Scientist Explains Why Even In The Age Of AI, Some Problems Are Just Too Difficult

Computers are growing more powerful and more capable, but everything has limits. Jie Wang, UMass Lowell Empowered by artificial intelligence technologies, computers today can engage in convincing conversations with people, compose songs, paint paintings, play chess and go, and diagnose diseases,…

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Tweaking AI Software To Function Like A Human Brain Improves Computer’s Learning Ability

Computer-based artificial intelligence can function more like human intelligence when programmed to use a much faster technique for learning new objects, say two neuroscientists who designed such a model that was designed to mirror human visual learning. In the journal Frontiers in…

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Dell Technologies Launches New Era Of PCs And Displays With 5G, AI And Premium Design For Work And Play

Dell Technologies (NYSE:DELL) unveiled new products and software across its premium Latitude, XPS and displays portfolios to help people innovate, collaborate and accomplish more in the next decade. Featuring artificial intelligence (AI), 5G and innovative design, the latest Dell Technologies’ PCs…

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To Make Sense Of AI Decisions, ‘Peek Under The Hood’

Now that humans have programmed computers to learn, we want to know exactly what they’ve learned and how they make decisions after their learning process is complete. The answers to such questions could shed light on our own decision-making processes. Kate…

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How Computers Help Biologists Crack Life’s Secrets

Once the three-billion-letter-long human genome was sequenced, we rushed into a new “omics” era of biological research. Scientists are now racing to sequence the genomes (all the genes) or proteomes (all the proteins) of various organisms – and in the process…

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Artificial Intelligence: Computer Says YES (But Is It Right?)

Computers that learn for themselves are with us now. As they become more common in ‘high-stakes’ applications like robotic surgery, terrorism detection and driverless cars, researchers ask what can be done to make sure we can  trust them. There would always…

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Neven’s Law: Why It Might Be Too Soon For A Moore’s Law For Quantum Computers

A new disruptive technology is on the horizon and it promises to take computing power to unprecedented and unimaginable heights. And to predict the speed of progress of this new “quantum computing” technology, the director of Google’s Quantum AI Labs, Hartmut…

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Light, A Possible Solution For A Sustainable Artificial Intelligence

We are currently witnessing a rapidly growing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in our everyday lives, which has the potential to translate into a variety of societal changes, including improvements to economy, better living conditions, easier access to education, well-being, and…

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