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How Universities Can Play A Pivotal Role In Building Economic Resilience

We are all vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, supply chain disruptions, cybersecurity lapses, and armed conflict in an interdependent world. While I am not a politician, a Fortune 500 CEO or even an economist, as a scientist and president…

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AI Meets Climate: MIT Energy And Climate Hack 2023

The Energy and Climate Hack presented opportunities for students and companies to collaborate and develop innovative solutions. Johnathon Horn | Division of Student LifeMIT News (https://news.mit.edu/2023/ai-meets-climate-mit-energy-climate-hack-1214) The MIT Energy and Climate Hack brought together participants from myriad fields and disciplines to develop rapid,…

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AI in the Classroom: Amii’s K-12 Pilot Program

There is growing debate about AI in the classroom New technologies have always made their way into the classroom. From chalkboards in schoolhouses and textbooks in classrooms to computer-based learning in the digital age, methods have continually evolved with the times….

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3 Questions: A New PhD Program From The Center For Computational Science And Engineering

Co-directors Youssef Marzouk and Nicolas Hadjiconstantinou describe how the standalone degree aims to train students in cross-cutting aspects of computational science and engineering. Terri Park | MIT Schwarzman College of ComputingMIT News (https://news.mit.edu/2023/3-questions-new-phd-program-center-computational-science-engineering-0925) This fall, the Center for Computational Science and Engineering (CCSE), an academic…

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The Prescription for Happy Medical Students – Great Gift Ideas

Medical profession, like any other educational pursuit, takes a lot of hard work. Here are some possible gifts of what they might want, but they are thrifty to buy it themselves.

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Nursing School Survival Kit: Essentials for Aspiring Nurses

Nursing is a noble profession. It revolves around healthcare; providing medical care to individuals or a community. As such, it is important for everyone aiming to become a Nurse to be fully equipped with the essential items and tools. 01. Scrub Suit…

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More Than Math – The Must-Have Non-Technical Skills for Data Pros

There are a lot of skills that will help to become a data scientist. These includes technical skills such as machine learning, deep learning, mathematics, programming and others. But in all these, there are also some non-technical skills or principles that…

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Offering Free AI Training For Everyone In The UK

Jonny Cottom knows the juggle involved with running a start-up single handedly. Since launching BreakBottle, an eco-friendly water bottle brand, last year, he has been solely responsible for speaking to investors, pitching retailers and running digital marketing campaigns. Today, Jonny is using…

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ChatGPT Isn’t The Death Of Homework – Just An Opportunity For Schools To Do Things Differently

Andy Phippen, Bournemouth University ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence (AI) platform launched by research company Open AI, can write an essay in response to a short prompt. It can perform mathematical equations – and show its working. ChatGPT is a generative AI…

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Lots Of Talk Of A.I. Regulation, Then Nothing More. A Little Nudge Below. Part 1.

There is a lot of talk in the last few months to perhaps a few years about regulating the A.I. industry by institutions and governments. A lot of talk is made in public but typically ends with vague one liners or…

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