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Why Standards And Controls Are Essential To The Future Of Digital Financial Markets

While the industry is ready to assimilate DLT and digital assets into the financial ecosystem, it first needs help overcoming roadblocks to moving assets across blockchains and integrations to traditional systems. For a moment back in the mid-2010s, blockchain was being…

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Future, AI and Money

The Elephant in the AI Room – How Money Drives Progress in Artificial Intelligence

There is a common understanding among stakeholders and participants in AI development and progress that is rarely talked about: money. As much as there is an implicit and explicit creative and destructive attribute to AI as a concept, a field of…

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ChatGPT: How To Use AI As A Virtual Financial Adviser

Eun Young (EY) Oh, University of Portsmouth From chatbots and virtual assistants to fraud detection and risk management, artificial intelligence (AI) is now being used in many areas of finance. But what could an AI system like ChatGPT do for your…

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DBS Singapore: The Best Boasting To Be The Best For So Long, Humbled By Hubris

DBS Bank, Singapore’s leading consumer bank and one of the largest banks in Southeast Asia, experienced a 10-hour digital banking services outage on March 29, 2023, leading to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) calling the incident “unacceptable.” The bank apologised…

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Fraud Detection To Robo Investing: AI In Finance Is Rising

Disclaimer: AI was used to write portions of this article. Specifically, it was used to write a number of key paragraphs, namely paragraphs 1, 4, 5, and 6. Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world of finance by allowing financial institutions to…

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AI - Accounting Finance

AI In Accounting: 7 Ways AI Helps To Digitize The Accounting and Finance Tasks

AI In Accounting And Finance Industry Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a vital role in the digital transformation of accounting and finance. AI machines take over the burden of doing repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Artificial Intelligence in accounting reduces human intervention. Herein, we discussed…

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Global Study: Adoption of AI Will Fundamentally Change The Next Generation Of Finance Leaders

Employees have been under immense pressure over the past year to help their organizations navigate the crisis, and they’re finding a new ally in robots to help them better manage their companies’ finances. To explore the impact of technology on the…

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Moving First On AI Has Competitive Advantages and Risks

Financial institutions that implement AI early have the most to gain from its use, but also face the largest risks. The often-opaque nature of AI decisions and related concerns of algorithmic bias, fiduciary duty, uncertainty, and more have left implementation of…

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