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How To Build An AI-generated Procedural Application

Developing an AI-Generated Encyclopedia while managing Scaling Challenges, Error handling, and Cost Reduction Strategies using OpenAI’s API Seemingly overnight, AI has become the driving force behind almost every major app. Whether it’s Intercom’s support chatbot, Duolingo’s upcoming chatbot integration, or Zapier’s “connect…

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Navigating The Risks And Opportunities Of Starting An AI Company

Artificial Intelligence Vectors by Vecteezy The world of AI startups is rapidly expanding, with a multitude of new players and innovative solutions in various industries. According to GlobalData, 3,198 AI startups received $52.1 billion in funding across 3,396 VC funding deals in…

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ChatGPT Is A Powerful Tool That Is Augmenting And Assisting Human Work

Almost overnight, ChatGPT became a new hot topic in many countries and regions around the world. After its launch in late November, ChatGPT quickly became the fastest-growing consumer app in history, registering more than 1 million users in just five days…

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How Will AI Help Developed Third World Countries?

The discussion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become so prevalent that every sector is now informed of its existence. Over the years, technology has been a major driving force in growing and developing human work states and engagements. With various examples…

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How Data-Driven Coaching Helps Employees Reach Their Potential

Data is everywhere. In the business world alone, we use it to track search engine traffic, monitor website activity, land sales, improve customer service — you name it. One area where data doesn’t get enough attention (or application) is employee development. When properly…

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Fraud Detection To Robo Investing: AI In Finance Is Rising

Disclaimer: AI was used to write portions of this article. Specifically, it was used to write a number of key paragraphs, namely paragraphs 1, 4, 5, and 6. Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world of finance by allowing financial institutions to…

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How I Built (And Sold) An AI-Powered Gift Idea Generator

If you’re anything like me, giving gifts is as enjoyable as receiving them (sometimes better!). There are few things as enjoyable as buying a great gift for someone that you know they’re gonna love. Search traffic pattern of “Gift Ideas” (Ahrefs Data) But…

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Fixing ChatGPT’s Limitations For Coding

Recently I found myself using ChatGPT a lot, I was at a point where I even left Google and Stackoverflow (my two best coding friends). But ChatGPT has two problems: Solution 💡 After thinking about this problem I came up with…

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A Tool To Help Fix SQL Code Using ChatGPT

Say hello to the newest addition to the world of artificial intelligence – ChatGPT! You may have heard of this innovative project before, but did you know that it can help you with your technical SQL questions? That’s right, with ChatGPT’s…

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Develop XR With Oracle, Ep 5 Healthcare, Vision AI, Training/collaboration, And Messaging

This is the fifth piece in a series on developing XR applications and experiences using Oracle and focuses on XR applications of healthcare, vision AI, training and collaboration, and messaging, including other topics such as multi-platform development, etc. Find the links…

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