AI’s Untapped Potential In The Battle Against Food Waste

Climate change and food waste are among the most pressing issues facing the world today and businesses have a fundamental role to play in tackling them. A recent survey on emerging technology trends by GlobalData reveals that while most executives believe…

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Why Technology Isn’t Always The Most Accessible Solution For The Disabled

Inaccessibility is a huge issue for the disabled and, for many, technology has been the answer to making the world more accessible. Social media users are used to seeing viral videos of what appears to be groundbreaking technology designed for ultimate…

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Robots Can Swim, Fetch, Lift, and Dance. But Can They Assemble an Ikea Chair?

Robotics has come a long way in the past few years. Robots can now fetch items from specific spots in massive warehouses, swim through the ocean to study marine life, and lift 200 times their own weight. They can even perform…

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