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Anthropic’s Claude 3 Opus and tool use are generally available on Vertex AI

In April, we made Anthropic’s most intelligent model, Claude 3 Opus, available in public preview on Vertex AI Model Garden for customers to start experimenting with. Now, we’re announcing that Claude 3 Opus is generally available on Vertex AI. We’re also excited to…

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Anthropic’s Claude 3 Sonnet And Claude 3 Haiku Are Now Generally Available On Vertex AI

Earlier this month, we shared the news that Anthropic’s Claude 3 family of models would soon be available to Google Cloud customers on Vertex AI Model Garden. Today, we’re announcing that Claude 3 Sonnet and Claude 3 Haiku are generally available to all customers on Vertex AI. Claude 3 Opus,…

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Simplify Speech Analytics With BigQuery, Powered By Vertex AI

Businesses generate massive amounts of speech data every day, from customer calls to product demos to sales pitches. This data can transform your business by improving customer satisfaction, helping you prioritize product improvements and streamline business processes. While AI models have…

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Bringing Gemini To Organizations Everywhere

Throughout 2023, we have introduced incredible new AI innovations to our customers and the broader developer and user community, including: AI Hypercomputer to train and serve generative AI models; Generative AI support in Vertex AI, our Enterprise AI platform; Duet AI in Google Workspace; and Duet…

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It’s Time For Developers And Enterprises To Build With Gemini Pro

Last week, we announced Gemini, our largest and most capable AI model and the next step in our journey to make AI more helpful for everyone. It comes in three sizes: Ultra, Pro and Nano. We’ve already started rolling out Gemini in our…

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How Verve Group Transforms Customer Experiences With Google Cloud Vertex AI

Verve Group is an ecosystem of demand and supply technologies fusing data, media, and technology to deliver results and growth to both advertisers and publishers – no matter the screen or location, no matter who, what, or where a customer is. Classifying…

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Introducing Duet AI In Apigee API Management And Application Integration

For years, Google Cloud’s Apigee API Management has been helping customers around the globe build APIs for diverse use cases, environments, and scale. Now, with the help of generative AI, we are reimagining the way APIs and integrations are developed, making…

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Using Machine Learning To Help ZSL & Network Rail Monitor And Improve Biodiversity Near British Railways

Image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pipistrellus_female-1.jpg Example of a Common Pipistrellus Bat, similar to those identified as part of our study. Network Rail recently commissioned international conservation charity, ZSL (Zoological Society of London) to develop cutting-edge methods for monitoring lineside biodiversity throughout the British…

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Kubeflow Joins The CNCF Family

We are thrilled to announce a major milestone in the journey of the Kubeflow project. After a comprehensive review process and several months of meticulous preparation, Kubeflow has been accepted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as an incubating project. This momentous step…

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Build Intelligent Applications With Neo4j Knowledge Graphs And Google Cloud Generative AI

In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to use two technologies together: The generative AI functionality in Google Cloud Vertex AI, an ML development platform, and Neo4j, a graph database. Together these technologies can be used to build…

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