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The Rise Of Green-Collar Jobs – And 6 Other Predictions For 2024’s Labour Market

Balance is always a hot topic in January for New Year’s resolutions. Whether seeking to find more balance between work and home, or in our health, many of us set out to achieve the perfect equilibrium. The last few years have…

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First HP Work Relationship Index Shows Majority of People Worldwide Have an Unhealthy Relationship with Work

HP Research Finds Expectations of Work Have Changed Drastically in the Last 2-3 YearsSeptember 20, 2023 News Highlights PALO ALTO, Calif., September 20, 2023 – HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) today unveiled groundbreaking findings from its first HP Work Relationship Index, a comprehensive…

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Overcome Laziness With These 7 Japanese Productivity Hacks

In a world chock-full of diversions and ever-mounting demands, conquering laziness can be a right challenge. But you can gain motivation from Japanese cultural concepts. By putting these 7 techniques into practice, you can boost your productivity and defeat procrastination. 1….

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Navigating Towards a New Work Paradigm in the Future of Automation

As automation technologies advance at an unprecedented pace, questions about their long-term impact on society, work, and employment abound. Will increasing automation lead us to lives of leisure, more creative and less routine work, or mass unemployment? We explore the multifaceted…

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Predictions: Top 25 Careers Likely In High Demand In The Future

Predicting the top careers of the future can be challenging due to the rapidly evolving nature of technology and the job market. However, based on current trends, here are 25 careers that are likely to be in high demand in the…

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Essential Tips And Tricks For Your First Tech Job

Starting a new job is daunting for anyone. Here’s how to navigate the early days at your first tech job. First days at work are scary. I still recall many instances where I lay awake at night before my first day…

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5 Charts Showing The Jobs Of A Post Pandemic Future – And The Skills You Need To Get Them

By 2025, 97 million new roles may emerge that are more adapted to the new division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms. Roles already growing in demand include data analysts and scientists, AI and machine learning specialists and robotics engineers….

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A 2020 Recession? What Will The Future Of Work Look Like?

The Future of Jobs Report 2020 reveals how the pandemic has caused the labour market to change faster than expected. The workforce is automating faster than expected, according to The Future of Jobs Report 2020. Released by the World Economic Forum (WEF),…

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MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab Releases Groundbreaking Research on AI and the Future of Work

IBM believes 100% of jobs will eventually change due to artificial intelligence, and new empirical research released last October 30 from the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab reveals how. The research, The Future of Work: How New Technologies Are Transforming Tasks, used advanced machine learning…

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