Introducing Duet AI For Developers: The Next Frontier In Ai-powered Developer Productivity


Last week we announced the private preview of Duet AI for Google Cloud, an always-on AI collaborator that uses generative AI to provide help to developers and cloud users. This article gives you a detailed look at Duet AI for developers, showing how Duet AI can help provide developers with real-time code suggestions, chat assistance, and enterprise-focused customization. You can sign-up here to join our waitlist for Google Cloud’s AI trusted tester program.  

We believe that addressing these use case​​s with large language models (LLMs) will usher in a major leap in productivity in enterprise development. Duet AI uses Codey, a family of code models built on PaLM 2. 

Developers continuously seek ways to improve their productivity and, over the past few decades, these efforts have resulted in massive productivity leaps due to technological changes. From advanced debuggers and online developer communities, to modern IDEs/notebooks and cloud computing, each advance brought massive changes in productivity. Despite these improvements, developers still face numerous challenges, some of which are unique to cloud development:

  • Disruptive context switching and friction when integrating a new tool or service
  • Excessive time spent on repetitive tasks
  • Time required to understand a new code base or project
  • Large cognitive workload when working on large code bases or complex APIs

Duet AI for developers focuses on challenges and tasks across the development lifecycle:

Code/Boilerplate Generation — Developers can describe the tasks they have in mind as a comment or function name, such as creating a Cloud Pub/Sub topic. Duet AI will generate a reference implementation that can be reviewed and modified, so developers don’t need to spend time reading through multiple documentation pages.
Code Generation inside Cloud Workstations

Inline Code Completion — To reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks and minimize the cognitive workload of tasks such as writing repetitive code or retrieving variable names, Duet AI provides intelligent, context-aware code completion, helping reduce the time spent on coding and enhancing the quality of the written code.

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Enterprise Customization — Organizations frequently have massive code bases and specific recommended frameworks and best practices, which generic code assistance solutions may not be best positioned to support. With Vertex AI, developers will be able to tune and customize the underlying models and connect them to the Duet AI experience, allowing for assistance optimized to the needs of the organization.

Code Explanation — Developers spend significant time and effort reading and understanding code written by their peers or external contributors. To help assist in this process, Duet AI for code assistance provides an “Explain this code” option available whenever a developer selects their code, allowing them to more quickly understand, map, and navigate unfamiliar code bases.
Duet explaining the logic of a Go source file

Code security guardrails — Code generated by Duet AI can also be scanned for vulnerable dependencies via Source Protect, helping surface known public vulnerabilities impacting code, along with suggested fixes when available, bringing additional security.
Real time vulnerability detection

By harnessing the power of AI-driven developer assistance such as the one provided by Duet AI for developers, businesses can unlock unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency in software development, paving the way for a new era of innovation and growth.

These early features of Duet AI for Google Cloud will be available for limited users and we will be expanding access very soon. Sign up to join Google Cloud’s AI Trusted Tester Program.

By Marcos Grappeggia, Senior Product Manager, Google Cloud | Shrestha Basu Mallick Senior Product Manager, Labs
Originally published at Google Cloud

Source: Cyberpogo

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