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A Guide to Practical AI Technologies and Techniques Beyond the Buzzwords

AI technologies and techniques encompass a diverse range of methods and approaches from various domains and related fields of study. Here are a few discussions covering some of the key AI technologies and techniques. Bayesian Networks. Bayesian networks are graphical models…

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Not All AI Are Created Equal – A Taxonomy of Artificial Intelligence Systems and Capabilities

AI meta taxonomy refers to the classification of different types or categories of artificial intelligence (AI) based on their characteristics and capabilities. There are several ways to categorise AI, and different taxonomies may be used depending on the context and purpose…

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Digital oracle server upgrade failure meltdown in progress

Underestimating the Path & Pitfalls to AI Progress

In past decades, a surge of enthusiasm arose, not merely about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), but rather, about humanity’s ability to construct and shape this powerful tool in countless forms. This excitement, while infectious and often inspiring, was perhaps…

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Rise of Superintelligence

Beyond AI. The Multifaceted Journey To Superintelligence.

Superintelligence extends beyond the realms of our current understanding of AI and involves a system that exhibits a level of intelligence that outperforms the brightest and most gifted human minds in practically all economically valuable work, including scientific creativity, general wisdom,…

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Lots Of Talk Of A.I. Regulation, Then Nothing More. A Little Nudge Below. Part 1.

There is a lot of talk in the last few months to perhaps a few years about regulating the A.I. industry by institutions and governments. A lot of talk is made in public but typically ends with vague one liners or…

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The Technical Architecture And Components Of A.I. Systems

An effective AI system relies on various technical, infrastructure, network, storage, compute, and service architecture components working together. Here are some of the key components. Hardware. – CPUs (Central Processing Units): General-purpose processors that can handle a variety of tasks, including…

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Why Are Humans Afraid Of AI?

Humans may be afraid of AI for several reasons. Here are some of the top anxieties people worry about. Loss of Control: AI systems can become more intelligent and capable than humans, potentially leading to a loss of control over these…

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The Geography Of Artificial Intelligence

There are some geographical advantages for nations when it comes to AI. Here are some of the leading levers geography is playing a role in. Access to Talent: Nations with top-tier universities and research institutions have an edge in attracting and…

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Nature Already Inspired A.I. Than Most Realise

Nature offers many valuable insights and inspirations for understanding AI and developing new algorithms and techniques. Here are some of the key lessons learned from nature are the following. Adaptability: Living organisms are highly adaptable to changing environments, a quality that…

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The Leading Schools Of Thought Of The Artificial Intelligence Field

There are several leading schools of thought when it comes to researching and building AI systems. Some of the most prominent approaches include: Symbolic AI. Also known as Good Old-Fashioned AI (GOFAI), this approach is based on creating explicit representations of…

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