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AI in the Classroom: Amii’s K-12 Pilot Program

There is growing debate about AI in the classroom New technologies have always made their way into the classroom. From chalkboards in schoolhouses and textbooks in classrooms to computer-based learning in the digital age, methods have continually evolved with the times….

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Hogwarts seal

Back-To-School Essentials – “All Aboard The Hogwarts Express” Edition

September has arrived, and it’s time to go back to school. Hopefully everybody received their invitation to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. But if by some unfortunate event that you didn’t, how about settling for school supply themed from the famous…

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Nursing School Survival Kit: Essentials for Aspiring Nurses

Nursing is a noble profession. It revolves around healthcare; providing medical care to individuals or a community. As such, it is important for everyone aiming to become a Nurse to be fully equipped with the essential items and tools. 01. Scrub Suit…

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House, building, person, architect and triumphant

The Architect’s Arsenal – Must-Have Tools To Level Up Your Career

While Engineers and Architects have some common tools with each other. Architects specialize in design and the aesthetics. With these in mind we have selected a few items that every architect should have in order to save time and focus on more important…

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Ruler, compass, and pen

An Engineer’s Starter Pack – Must Have Supplies For The Trade

Engineering students need to have the best supply there is. Most of these should last you until you graduate from the course. Choosing the highest quality will save you a lot in the long run. 01. Mechanical Pencil from Bic It…

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Brush, Color, and Sketch pad

Art And Artist Essentials. A Back-To-School List.

As an artist, you need to prime your creative mind. This require an intensive focus that you’d have to avoid distractions. What better way to help focus on your objective, than to have the supplies and equipment ready. Here are some the…

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7 Besties Back-To-School Buddy Snacks

Students coming back to school will be faced with a lot of new experience. This comes down to activities that will require them to put in the effort. From homework, physical activities, and other tasks that needed energy. With these in…

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