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Paris. Considered to be the fashion capital of the world.

Fashion show, défilé de mode, an event presented by fashion designers to showcase their work. This dates back to the 1860s when English fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth used models instead of mannequins.

You’d be surprised on the origin of the word Fashion, and it’s from the French word façon, which means ‘make, shape, and appearance’. The french word also originates from the Latin ‘Facere’ which means ‘to make’. Fashion can also signify the latest trends, and as such is based on time and preference and popularity. What might be fashionable today, could also be different from tomorrow.

Fashion can also be a source of art, with individuals and manufacturers can set the trends on what fashionable be. Aside from art, it can also be influenced by culture. In short, there are different sources or starters of fashion. From the economic elite, brand manufacturers like Gucci, or even by the masses, no matter how weird or eccentric it might be.

Clothing and costume

Probably the most common source when talking about Fashion. These are what people wear, and is the most visible form of fashion that we see. Covering the most part of our body.

Known brands include:

– Versace

– Calvin Klein

– Ralph Lauren


These are secondary items that are used to contribute to the attire or costume worn by a person. These are often used as highlights or enhancements to the aura that one wants to convey. Accessories like bags, jewelry, rings, and earings are some of the most common examples.

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Known brands include:

– Prada

– Tiffany & Co

– Fendi

Fragrance and Perfumes

While not visible to the sense of sight, the power of perfumes lies in the power to provide an attractive scent. While it might be different from each individual, these are powerful effects to the human psyche and how people behave when exposed to such pleasure. Memory also plays an important part, as associating smell with a pleasant memory leaves a longer lasting effect.

Known brands include:

– Chanel

– Tom Ford

– Dior

Cosmetics and beauty products

Designed for enhancing the beauty or even altering the appearance altogether. Cosmetics offers a wide array of combinations to provide a “glow up”. These includes skincare, makeup and hair care. If you haven’t seen the wonder on how a person could look totally different with cosmetics on and off, you’d think they were a different person.

Known brands include:

– Armani

– Dolce & Gabbana

– Burberry

While fashion might be the at the hands of time and those who are influential. Do not be disregarding the power they can produce. If you are trying to promote a brand or a product, you’d want it to be presented in the best possible way. While the story of the Trojan War being focused on the face that launched a thousand ships be a myth, you cannot disregard that the power of beauty can move not only people but even cities.

Image credits: Unsplash – Rudy Issa

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