Google Cloud Next 2019 | Retail Sessions

Google Cloud Next 2019 | Target’s Application Platform (TAP)

In this talk we cover our journey in building Target’s Platform as a Service that enables developers to build, run and operate applications entirely in cloud – be it our data centers, Google Cloud or edge locations. We intend to define the problem that we set out to solve which include infrastructure change fatigue, disparate experiences and technical debt. We then plan to share the high level goals that we set out to accomplish – which starts with providing a great developer experience on our platform. We will discuss the solution that the team came up with – which includes spinnaker, compute providers like k8s, OST and our own home grown provider called SGDM. We then plan to talk about future and the plans to extend TAP to Google Cloud and the edge locations.

Speaker(s): Jay Chandrashekaran, Jim Beyers

Session ID: DEV217

Citi I/O



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