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Introducing JetBrains AI And The In-IDE AI Assistant

With the rise of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) this year, the landscape of not just the development industry but the creative industry as a whole has begun a transformation. Using this new technology to augment JetBrains tools was…

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Claude 2.1

Introducing Claude 2.1

Our latest model, Claude 2.1, is now available over API in our Console and is powering our chat experience. Claude 2.1 delivers advancements in key capabilities for enterprises—including an industry-leading 200K token context window, significant reductions in rates of model hallucination, system…

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Document AI Workbench Is Now Powered By Generative AI To Structure Document Data Faster

Document AI helps businesses structure document data to automate processes, improve SLAs, reduce costs, and unlock insights by making analysis across documents possible. A critical part of document processing is the ability to customize results for enterprise-specific documents. That’s why we…

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Announcing MPT-7B-8K: 8K Context Length For Document Understanding

Today, we are releasing MPT-7B-8K, a 7B parameter open-source LLM with 8k context length trained with the MosaicML platform. MPT-7B-8K was pretrained starting from the MPT-7B checkpoint in 3 days on 256 NVIDIA H100s with an additional 500B tokens of data….

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Top IDEs And Compilers For C++.

There are several popular integrated development environments (IDEs) and compilers available for C++ on different operating systems. IDEs For C++. 1. Visual Studio. Developed by Microsoft, Visual Studio is a widely used IDE for C++ development on Windows. It provides a…

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Test Out Google Features And Products In Labs

Today we’re introducing Labs, a space where you can test out Google’s early ideas for features and products. Inspired by the original Google Labs, the new Labs gives you a first look at bold and responsible experiments from across the company, and…

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Announcing API Abuse Detection Powered By Machine Learning

API security incidents are increasingly common and disruptive. With the growth of API traffic, enterprises across the world are also experiencing an uptick in malicious API attacks, making API security a heightened priority. According to our latest API Security Research Report,…

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Announcing Project Health Insights Preview: Advancing AI For Health Data

We live in an era with unprecedented increases in the size of health data. Digitization of medical records, medical imaging, genomic data, clinical notes, and more all contributed to an exponential increase in the amount of medical data. The potential benefit…

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Top 4 FREE Photo Editing Websites

Everyone has a Picasso inside of them. But some of us are not given an environment to nurture or play with. But enough of the drama, here are 4 of the websites you should try out. 01. Befunky Not just a…

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Google Cloud Unveils New AI-Enabled Claims Acceleration Suite To Streamline Health Insurance Prior Authorization And Claims Processing, Helping Experts Make Faster, More Informed Decisions

Blue Shield of California and Bupa are implementing the solution to drive greater efficiencies, and improved provider and patient experiences SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Google Cloud today announced a new AI-enabled Claims Acceleration Suite that streamlines health insurance prior authorization and claims…

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