Google Cloud Next 2019 | Energy Sessions

Google Cloud Next 2019 | Scaling Industrial IoT in the Upstream Energy Industry

Oil and gas production is distributed in nature, with thousands of assets spread across hundreds of square miles. These factories without walls are often exposed to harsh environmental factors not present in other industrial settings, creating unique and daunting challenges for the implementation of IoT. With the goal of continuously improving operations in real-time, IoT provides a novel source high fidelity, high resolution data. This enhanced connectivity and measurement capability enables us to rapidly and automatically detect changes to operational conditions, even those imperceptible to human operators, and in turn allows Anadarko data scientists to derive new insights regarding equipment health and asset performance. In this session, we’ll describe how we’re leveraging GCP’s infrastructure to connect all of our drilling rigs and completions assets in the United States. Anadarko developers are using GCP native stack to build applications that monitor drilling operations providing real-time performance measurement and advisory control recommendations to drillers in the field. We will provide a live demo of our application integrating Pubsub, DataFlow, Big Query and AutoML to deploy models to support real-time monitoring of operations.

Speaker(s): Sanjay Paranji, Nick Losier, Eric Garcia, Ryan Gillard

Session ID: IOT104

Citi I/O



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