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Google Cloud Next 2019 | BigQuery Tips: Nested and Repeated Fields And How GOJEK Builds Data Warehouses

Gain expert advice on BigQuery to take advantage of data warehousing. In this session, GOJEK, a global company with multiple products and services and lots of data, will share how they have designed their data model to have BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage for their data lake and data warehouse, how they’ve set up their infrastructure using GCP, and how they’ve built internal tools as part of this process. GOJEK will also share how they govern their data warehouse to support their business, accelerate their decision making process, and gain intelligence about their products. You will also get an in-depth walk through on how to work with semi-structured data, including how to ingest JSON array data types inside of BigQuery. But while denormalizing your schema into a single table with nested and repeated fields can yield performance improvements, the SQL syntax for working with array data can be tricky. Follow along as we demo loading, querying, troubleshooting, and unnesting various semi-structured data sets.

Speaker(s): Evan Jones, Gaurav Anand, Zaki Indra Sukma

Session ID: DA205

Product:BigQuery,Cloud for Marketing;

Citi I/O



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