Artificial intelligence (Al) paychecks benefit from a scarce talent and high demand. It is as per the law of supply and demand, and currently, everything related to Al is in very high demand. The salaries of Al professionals are reaching the sky height and beyond it. It is also essential to note that one Japanese company, Start Today, posted the requirement of a “genius” Al professional with a salary as high as 100 million yen — that is equal to almost 1 million USD.

Al is in demand because of the ambitious organizations considering their monetary rise due to its applicability on their data. Thus, also of its innate ability to solve the existent problems in the businesses. It is especially running at a higher pace in developed countries like the USA. As per Gartner, the big companies are expected to almost double the number of Al projects in a year and several still are planning to apply Al solutions to their problems.

The Al engineer certifications are presented by world-renowned certification bodies, such as the Artificial Intelligence Board of America and IBM. Moving forward AI professionals will need to start learning skills if they want to get started in AI.

Here are the top 10 skills that you need to learn for Al are:

1) Python

Python which was released in 1991, is a popular programming language. It is used for mathematics, software development, and system scripting.

Python can be applied –

  • On a server in order to create web applications,
  • Making use of software to create workflows,
  • To link to database systems,
  • To read and modify files,
  • To perform complex mathematical calculations and handle big data details,
  • For rapid prototyping, or for ready for production software developments.


2) Machine Learning

Machine learning is a field that comes under the umbrella of AI. The objective of machine learning is to know the structure of data and thereby fit that data in the shape of models. These developed models can then be understood and used by people.

3) Statistics

Statistics is the advanced applicability performed on the data as done by the data analyst. It can help know the hidden patterns and thus help have an insight into the raw data with clarity and ability.

4) Hadoop

Hadoop is a set of open-source projects and technologies that results in the formation of an ecosystem for processing and storage. This requires a host of specialized analytics skills and IT.

Hadoop is a collection of software packages like Hive (data access and manipulation), HDFS (file system), Yarn (scheduling of job), Spark (parallel management of job), and others.

Every major Hadoop has more than 20 integrated packages like those which are mentioned just above

5) Data Science

Data Science is an appropriate combination of several algorithms, tools, and machine learning principles with the objective to know the hidden patterns present in the raw data.

6) Big Data

The huge amount of raw data converted to actionable data for the purpose of solving problems or understanding the organization in more detail is all about the big data. It is a growing discipline demanding more and more inputs by the data analysts and also Al professionals.

7) Data Mining

Data mining is the in-depth analysis of data by making use of software methods for finding regularities and patterns in sets of data. It is the computer that is responsible for searching the patterns by identification of the underlying features and rules in the data.

8) Java

Java is a programming language; its objective is to write a program just once, then apply written programs on multiple operating systems. The first available version of Java1.0 came up in 1995.

9) R

‘R’ is a programming language for statistics and data analysis. It has several built-in libraries and functions. It is extensible and permits users to define their required procedures and functions using R, Fortran, or C.

10) Spark

Apache Spark is a lightning-fast and cluster computing system. It makes available the high-level API like Scala, Java, R, and Python for the development of applications.

Below is given the list of the top 5 Al professionals with the highest salaries. The list shows the ever-increasing demand for it.

AI Professions With The Highest Salaries

1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

The task for Al Specialists is to achieve cognitive simulation from programming computers they are hired.

Other important responsibilities include performing tasks in the area of applied Al. This includes advanced information processing for programming of a smart system or expert computer.

Hiring companies: Amazon, Wipro, Google, Apple, Deloitte, Microsoft

Salary as per National Average: US $113,309 per annum.

2. Machine Learning Engineer/Researcher

The task for Machine Learning Engineer/Researcher is to design software as excellent data managers. This software can work on its own as predictive model automation.

Hiring companies: Google, Samsung Research America, Apple, Toyota Research Institute, General Motors.

Salary as per National Average: US $114,121 per annum.

3. Data Scientist

The task for Data Scientist is to make use of their analytical knowledge and skills to reveal solutions to business challenges at various fronts. They apply their skills in order to manage and analyze data trends.

Hiring companies: Google, Accenture, Dell, Unilever, Cognizant Technology Solutions, McKinsey & Company

Salary as per National Average: US $113,309 per annum.

4. Data Engineers /Al Engineers

The task for Data Engineers is to find trends in the existent data sets. They also develop algorithms in order to create more information pieces from the raw data.

Hiring companies: Amazon, Verizon, Deloitte, SAP, Philips, TCS, Collabera

Salary as per National Average: US $102,864 per annum.

5. Data Architect

The task for Data Architects is to understand the core concepts of data which are inclusive of creating, designing, managing, and deploying the data structure for a company.

Hiring companies: Allianz Life, American Express, Bank of America, Colgate-Palmolive Company, Rackspace

Salary as per National Average: US $108,278 per annum.

There is a very high demand for Al professionals worldwide

The above information shows the increase in the salaries of Al as witnessed by the year 2021. It also shows the very high demand for Al professionals worldwide. With brighter and broader prospects, Al stands the test of progress and holds the strength of encouraging professionals with sky-high salaries, job security, and real prospects.

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