The AI Foundation – the leading innovator of artificial intelligence technology transforming every industry – announced today the hiring of director and visual effects artist Rami Hachache to launch the AI Foundation’s own AI Media Lab to bring the company’s Advanced Digital Human AI platform to marketers, influencers, and the wider entertainment world. As part of the announcement, the AI Foundation debuted partnerships with top creative studios Ventureland and PRETTYBIRD.

The AI Foundation’s premier offering – the Advanced Digital Human AI platform – allows businesses, institutions, and individuals to create their own AIs and connect with people around the globe. Through the AI Media Lab, the AI Foundation will work with storytellers and public figures to build their AI-powered digital human extensions as well as produce interactive brand experiences with its groundbreaking technology.

“I’m constantly looking for new ways that technology can push creative projects, so joining the AI Foundation was a natural next step,” said Rami Hachache, Chief Creative Officer at the AI Foundation. “One of my goals is building partnerships with creative leaders like Ventureland to help us develop meaningful content for brands, public figures, and storytellers interested in the capabilities of AI and digital beings.”

The partnership with Ventureland and PRETTYBIRD is dedicated to identifying existing and emerging applications of this AI platform across brand and entertainment verticals, including travel, fashion, lifestyle, sports, and more.

“Rami has been part of our creative community for years and we jumped at the chance to provide counsel to the AI Foundation and continue our partnership with him,” said Ali Brown, President of Ventureland. “Marrying best in class creative with the Foundation’s incredible technology will allow us to together break the fourth wall in the ad and marketing world and bring consumers immersive brand experiences not previously possible.”

Hachache led the AI Foundation’s first AI Media Lab initiatives, which involved launching viral social media projects featuring digital beings. One such project, @jojobiden46, is the unofficial Joe Biden TikTok account that garnered over 100 million views.

“Bringing our AI-Native Digital Human Platform to creators is just the start for us,” said Rob Meadows, President and Chief Technology Officer at the AI Foundation. “We are approaching a world where cognitive work across every sector, including entertainment, can be done by Digital Humans. The possibilities are endless. We look forward to introducing our technology to healthcare, financial, academic institutions and more.”

The AI Foundation is a commercial, creative, and social impact technology company dedicated to building a world where everyone can enjoy the power and protection of artificial intelligence.

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