Day: December 8, 2022


IT Prediction: AI Could Help Realize The Dream Of The Four-Day Work Week

Prediction: AI will be the primary driver for moving to a 4-day work week Enterprise use of artificial intelligence (AI) has exploded over the past few years, touching all aspects of business. One of the greatest reasons behind this increase is…

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A Faster Way To Preserve Privacy Online

Searching the internet can reveal information a user would rather keep private. For instance, when someone looks up medical symptoms online, they could reveal their health conditions to Google, an online medical database like WebMD, and perhaps hundreds of these companies’…

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How Startups Can Help Build A Sustainable Future

At the COP27 global climate change conference last month, we shared Google’s long-standing commitment to advancing sustainability and our use of AI to address climate challenges and public health. The importance of collaborating across private and public sectors in these efforts was underlined in our…

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IBM And David Clark Cause Aim To Reduce Food Waste; Name AI-Powered Gardening App Winner Of 5th Annual Call For Code

Today, Call for Code founding partner IBM (NYSE: IBM), creator, David Clark Cause, charitable partner United Nations Human Rights, and program affiliate, the Linux Foundation announced the winner of the fifth annual Call for Code Global Challenge, which invited innovators across the globe to help accelerate sustainability and combat climate change…

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Intel, Habana Labs And Hugging Face Advance Deep Learning Software

Over the past year, Intel, Habana Labs and Hugging Face have continued to improve efficiencies and lower barriers for adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) through open source projects, integrated developer experiences and scientific research. This work resulted in key advancements and…

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An Automated Way To Assemble Thousands Of Objects

The manufacturing industry (largely) welcomed artificial intelligence with open arms. Less of the dull, dirty, and dangerous? Say no more. Planning for mechanical assemblies still requires more than scratching out some sketches, of course – it’s a complex conundrum that means…

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Improve Speech-To-Text Accuracy With Azure Custom Speech

With Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services for Speech, customers can build voice-enabled apps confidently and quickly in more than 140 languages. We make it easy for customers to transcribe speech to text (STT) with high accuracy, produce natural-sounding text-to-speech (TTS) voices, and translate…

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How PyTorch Is Bringing The Power Of AI To Computers And Smartphones

Many of the experiences people enjoy on Facebook and Instagram are powered by artificial intelligence (AI). A number of them, like Assistant, Avatars, and AR effects, cannot be powered by server-side AI due to latency, network bandwidth, and other constraints. Running AI…

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Intro To Deep Learning To Track Deforestation In Supply Chains

Intro to deep learning to track deforestation in supply chains Introduction In my experience, I have observed that it’s common in machine learning to surrender to the process of experimenting with many different algorithms in a trial and error fashion, until…

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