Build New Generative AI Powered Search & Conversational Experiences With Gen App Builder


If you’ve been exploring recently-launched consumer generative AI tools like Bard and thinking about how to build similar experiences for your business, Generative AI App Builder, or Gen App Builder for short, is here to get you started.

Gen App Builder is part of Google Cloud’s recently announced generative AI offerings and lets developers, even those with limited machine learning skills, quickly and easily tap into the power of Google’s foundation models, search expertise, and conversational AI technologies to create enterprise-grade generative AI applications. 

“Google Cloud’s leading AI technology enables STARZ customers to discover more relevant content, increasing engagement with, and the likelihood of completing the content served to them,” says Robin Chacko, EVP Direct-to-Consumer, STARZ. “We’re excited about how generative AI-powered search will help users find the most relevant content even easier and faster.”

Gen App Builder is exciting because unlike most existing generative AI offerings for developers, it offers an orchestration layer that abstracts the complexity of combining various enterprise systems with generative AI tools to create a smooth, helpful user experience. Gen App Builder provides step-by-step orchestration of search and conversational applications with pre-built workflows for common tasks like onboarding, data ingestion, and customization, making it easy for developers to set up and deploy their apps. With Gen App Builder developers can: 

  • Build in minutes or hours. With access to Google’s no-code conversational and search tools powered by foundation models, organizations can get started with a few clicks and quickly build high-quality experiences that can be integrated into their applications and websites. 
  • Combine the power of foundation models with information retrieval to find relevant, personalized information. Enterprises can build apps that understand user intent via natural language, and surface the right information with associated citations and attributions from a company’s public and private data. They can also fully control what data their applications access and the content or topics they want to address.
  • Build multimodal apps that can respond with text, images, and other media. Gen App Builder supports not just text, but also other modalities such as images and videos. It allows developers to build apps using a combination of text and images as inputs to find information across documents, photos, and video content, enabling richer customer interactions. 
  • Combine natural conversations with structured flows. Developers can granularly blend the output of foundation models with controls to ground answers in enterprise content, and step-by-step conversation orchestration to guide customers to the right answers.
  • Provide the ability to transact and connect to third party apps and services. Gen App Builder makes it simple to create digital assistants and bots that not only serve content, but also connect to purchasing and provisioning systems to enable transactions from the conversational UI, and escalate customer conversations to a human agent when the context demands. 
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A new generation of conversational AI experiences and assistants 

Consumers of enterprise applications expect to interact with technology in a seamless, conversational way to quickly find the information they need and act on it. Gen App Builder can help reinvent these customer and employee experiences by ingesting large, complex datasets that are specific to your company–from websites, documents, and transactional systems like billing and inventory, to emails, chat conversations, and more. These AI-powered apps can synthesize information across all of these sources to provide specific, actionable responses, using only the data you have provided. 

Some of the most popular uses are in customer service, where generative apps can contribute to increasing revenue, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty. For example, if a retail customer reaches out to modify an order, a virtual agent can help them change it to another product. The customer doesn’t even need to provide the new product name—they can just upload an image and let the agent guide them through the rest. Watch this demo to see how a retail chatbot can use multimodal capabilities to help a consumer navigate various options on the website, including giving the customer ideas on how to use the product and even helping them complete the purchase with the ability to transact within the conversational UI. This scenario could apply to multiple industries and use cases, ranging from consumer goods and public services, to finance and internal corporate systems like intranets.

Combining the power of Google-quality search with foundation models

Finding the right information from data across the organization is a critical requirement within any enterprise. Yet it can be challenging to build high-quality enterprise search experiences with existing tools. Current systems struggle to understand user intent, are difficult to implement and customize, and don’t provide a high-quality user experience. 

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One of the most exciting features of Gen App Builder is the ability to combine the power of Google-quality search with generative AI to help enterprises find the most relevant and personalized information when they need it. With Gen App Builder, enterprises can build conversational search experiences across their public and private data in minutes or hours with no coding experience. 

Enabling multimodal search across text, images and video within the enterprise is a key aspect of the search experiences in Gen App Builder. In addition to providing high-quality search results, Gen App Builder can conveniently summarize the results and provide corresponding citations in a natural, human-like fashion. Gen App Builder also automatically extracts key information from the data and enables personalized results for users. Watch this demo to see how these capabilities can come together to transform the search experience for employees at a financial services firm. The ability to integrate Google-quality search within the enterprise’s applications means they can enjoy a new level of data utilization, drive increased process efficiencies, and provide delightful experiences to their employees and customers.

“Customers have been shopping at Macy’s for generations. Being able to deliver 360° personalization and contextual recommendations will help ensure that Macy’s is still providing future generations of shoppers with a seamless, exceptional experience,” said Bennett Fox-Glassman, Senior Vice-President, Customer Journey, Macy’s. “We’ve already realized an increase in revenue per visit and conversion rates had great success using Google Cloud’s AI technology and are looking forward to exploring how these latest announcements bring together Natural Language Processing and Generative AI capabilities to deliver next-gen search and conversational experiences for our customers.”

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The ability to intuitively interact with complex data across a variety of sources allows organizations to better serve their customers and deliver more relevant offerings. Combined with conversational and fulfillment abilities, the potential for improving customer engagement and employee productivity is immense. We’re excited to see how developers and enterprises use a mix of these capabilities to power new experiences and revenue opportunities.

If you’re interested in a closer look at the Gen App Builder, tune into this session at the Data Cloud & AI Summit. Take a step forward to getting hands-on and join the waitlist for our trusted tester program. And finally, bookmark our generative AI landing page to keep abreast of the latest news, updates and possibilities from this exciting new world of Gen Apps.

By Lisa O’Malley Senior Director, Product Management, Industry Solutions, Google Cloud | Yariv Adan Director, Cloud Conversational AI
Source Google Cloud

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