Top 4 FREE Photo Editing Websites


Everyone has a Picasso inside of them. But some of us are not given an environment to nurture or play with. But enough of the drama, here are 4 of the websites you should try out.

01. Befunky

Not just a Photo Editor but also a Collage maker and graphic designer, Befunky has some interesting stuff. While most of the amazing stuff is under a paywall (or if you’re ok with a watermark), it is complete with the basics. From teeth whitening to adding frames to your photos. Isn’t that what is important in this day and age? Having perfectly shining white teeth.

02. Magic Eraser

Removing objects from pictures has never been this easy. Remember in the past years where these are only available in tools like Photoshop. Now it’s available on the web and its free! While it only does remove unwanted things from images, it does a bang-up job on it.

03. PicMonkey

Another site we recommend is PicMonkey. Its basic features are free, but there is a catch. You need to have a paid subscription to download the image. We suggest looking through the features and have a good review of its features. Then if it’s up to your liking, you can purchase it.

04. Pixlr

Like the Magic Eraser, you don’t need to have an account to use its capabilities. The additional features is what makes this a top pick for photo editing. One of these is the AI generator, which is a lot of fun. Try these words or settings for the AI generator, “Nikola Tesla on the beach as a cowboy”. Other features include adding animation, colorize, liquify and more.

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