QUASAR Convergence – The Tipping Point for Humanity’s Greatest Creations

Quasar art

This phasing or evolutionary path of human created digital intelligence is in a certain sense, typical and logical. It follows a path of ever increasing capability and complexity in one dimension. This depiction, though, lacks perspective. Opined in preceding discussions, AI is one of many in a long evolutionary line of complexity and capability progressions , both past and present. This also misses an obvious and often dismissed aspect of analyses of technological advancement: that it is almost always an ecosystem that enables progress.

We propose the concept of QUASAR Technologies Convergence . This connotes the union of QU antum C omputing, A tomic energy, S uperintelligence, A nd R obotics as the minimum necessary dimensional preconditions for the tipping point by which this most profound human creation, in its full potential, begins to earnestly unravel.

It is a concept and a viewpoint that, while the seemingly swift emergence or re-emergence of AI in the everyday consciousness of the connected world, the noosphere or the collective human consciousness , in its preponderance is barely touched by the full potential of any level of digital intelligence . In a way, much of the clamour, jubilation, and resistance stem from the segment of society partially threatened by this technology, not by those who may exceedingly benefit from it, both as it opens opportunities and levels the rarely fair playing field as well as amplifies untapped human potential.

As an ecosystemic concept, QUASAR provides the platform for H.I. or HyperIntelligence to truly awaken, to have full digital and physical agency, and to begin its ascendancy. Of course, other aspects of the ecosystem like (a) the contemporary infrastructure for information systems typically housed in supercomputing capabilities in cloud hyperscalers; (b) continuous software, systems, and data engineering; and (c) other human enabled contributions, institutions, and inputs.

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