Day: September 21, 2023


Applying Generative AI To Product Design With BigQuery DataFrames

For any company, naming a product or service is complex and time-consuming. This process is particularly challenging in the pharmaceutical industry. Typically, companies start by brainstorming and researching thousands of names. They must ensure that the names are unique, compliant with…

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Combining AI With A Trusted Data Approach On IBM Power To Fuel Business Outcomes

Data fuels artificial intelligence (AI), and the infrastructure you run AI on is essential. For business leaders exploring the many advantages that AI promises, they must first ask: “How can my team build, train and deploy AI systems in my enterprise? And…

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Microsoft and Adobe

Microsoft And Adobe Partner To Deliver Cost Savings And Business Benefits

Delivering quality end-to-end digital experiences can be challenging for multiple reasons including lack of resources, legacy technologies, and disorganized customer journeys. Microsoft and Adobe have purpose-built integrations to overcome these challenges with a result of simplifying deployment and reducing overall cost….

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