A Day In the Life of a Chess Player


The day started in the most awe-inspiring sunshine. The coffee maker started rumbling, a signal that it’s time to get out of your comfortable bed. Cooking your own breakfast, or better yet, a special someone made it for you.

Being a chess player is a life filled with hard work, practice and concentration. While most of the time spent on high level chess is memorising. There are also moments where time and effort is put into research. 

After hours and hours of focus on chess you’d need time to relax while. You sit back. Then taking a glance in the place of comfort you see this amazing chess set

Chess Set

The design just simply take you back in time. As the pieces are actually a replica, where the original is housed in British Museum. You will feel that these are how it looked like when chess was also played decades ago. 

There are also some interesting fact about this chess set. They were found in the vicinity of Uig on the Isle of Lewis, but were probably made in Norway, in around 1150-1200 AD. As most of us know there is a chess grandmaster, considered to be the GOAT, named Magnus Carlsen, who has won not just one but five times the World Chess Championship. Who by coincidence is also from Norway.

With all the talk of cheating, accusations and other accusations in the world of chess. Sometimes it’s just stressful for those who are actually doing their best. Trying to make a living by joining online tournaments. Why not relax for a bit and look at a chess set, and realise how timeless the game has been.

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Wouldn’t it be a great reminder, while mastering chess, you would instantly feel or be blessed by the chess players in Norway many years ago? Just look at how it would make your place of focus, give a perception to you, on how amazing chess is.

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