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Transforming the Developer Experience for Every Engineering Role
In today’s fast-paced software development landscape, ambitious goals, complex technologies, and shifting prioriti
IBM and The All England Lawn Tennis Club Launch New Generative AI Feature for Personalised Player Stories at Wimbledon
– ‘Catch Me Up’ feature – built and trained using IBM’s Granite LLM, through the watsonx p
World’s first RISC-V Laptop gets a massive upgrade and equips with Ubuntu
DeepComputing partners with Canonical to unveil a huge boost to the DC-ROMA RISC-V Laptop family  The DC-ROMA RISC-
Introducing Apple Intelligence, the personal intelligence system that puts powerful generative models at the core of iPhone, iPad, and Mac
10 June 2024PRESS RELEASE Introducing Apple Intelligence, the personal intelligence system that puts powerful gener
Updates to the Home experience elevate entertainment and bring more convenience 
10 June 2024 PRESS RELEASE tvOS 18 introduces new cinematic experiences with InSight, Enhance Dialogue, and subtitles CU
Apple Vision Pro arrives in new countries and regions beginning June 28
10 June 2024 PRESS RELEASE Apple Vision Pro arrives in new countries and regions beginning June 28 Customers in China ma
Apple expands developer support and resources
07 June 2024UPDATEApple expands developer support and resources Apple is committed to supporting app creators across the
This AI Was Not Our AI Dream.
So the idea was/is … To generate a ton of good enough and mediocre stuffs and potentially misused scam(-ish) materials
Anthropic’s Claude 3 Opus and tool use are generally available on Vertex AI
In April, we made Anthropic’s most intelligent model, Claude 3 Opus, available in public preview on Vertex AI Mod
Of Nuggets And Tenders. To Know Or Not To Know, Is Not The Question. How To Become, Is.
Join us at It happened truly by accident, that what began as a pure data and analytical indulgence,
From The Heart of Stockholm To Welcoming City Of Seven Hills
Join us at Dear Stockholm, Thank you for the warmth and enthusiasm that filled every moment of our e
Stockholm Sounds: From ABBA’s Waterloo to Taylor’s Eras Tour
Come over at Calling all Swifties heading to Stockholm for the Eras Tour! Get ready to be dazzled by
GoSwifties, Beneath And Beyond Celebrity, A Delayed Prelude.
Come over at I can barely remember how, how it all began, but on one coffee drunken afternoon, while
IBM Expands watsonx Portfolio On AWS, Adds watsonx.governance to Help Clients Scale Responsible AI
ARMONK, N.Y., May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — During the annual IBM Think conference, IBM (NYSE: I
Fuel Your Eras Tour Fun: Must-Try Swedish Foods for Swifties in Stockholm
Come over at Calling all Swifties heading to Stockholm for the Eras Tour! You’re in for a trea
Stockholm Guide for the Swifties: Get Ready for It in Swiftholm!
Come over at Dear Paris, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible embrace you have
A Nescafe Minute. An Ally For Getting Through My Day.
Come over at We live in a moment – not even a time worthy of being called an age, eon, or era
Maximise Your Festival Fun. A Complete Guide To Perfect Preparation.
Come over at Gear up for an unforgettable festival or concert experience with our essential preparat
Paris Unveiled. The Ultimate Guide To Exploring The City Of Light.
Come over at Plan your After ERAS Concert Shake It Off Tour Ideas Of Paris. Paris, the enchanting &#
IBM Study: As CEOs Race Towards Gen AI Adoption, Questions Around Workforce And Culture Persist
– More than half of CEO respondents say they are pushing their organization to adopt gen AI more quickly than some
Celebrating The Essence Of France That Shaped Its Culture.
Come over at With a blend of timeless traditions and modern flair, French culture stands as an exemp
Artistic Movements From France That Shaped The World.
Come over at France stands at the crossroads of artistic and musical innovation, leading the world w
France’s Legacy of Innovation. Celebrating Pioneering Technologies And Inventions.
Come over at From the invention of the hot air balloon to pioneering the world of photography and ci
From Keys To Progress. How The Typewriter Revolutionised Communication And Empowered Society.
Come over at The typewriter, a significant milestone in the history of technology, revolutionised wr
A Fan’s Guide To The Top 10 Arenas & Stadiums In Paris
Come over at Paris, the City of Light, is not only known for its rich culture, history, and iconic l
Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Gets A Revamp: New Songs From ‘Tortured Poets’, Outfits, and Surprises!
Come over at Bonjour, Swifties! Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour officially kicks off its European leg
Paramore: From Scene Emo to Joining Taylor’s Squad – What You Need to Know
Come over at Paramore? On tour with Taylor Swift? If you’re new to the music scene, this might
Taylor Swift Overshadows Olympics As US Luxury Travelers Flock to Paris for Concerts
Come over at Move over Olympics, there’s a new superstar in town! While Paris braced itself fo
Your Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Taylor Swift’s Paris Eras Tour
Come over at Parisian Swifties, It’s Your Time to Shine! ✨ Get ready for four nights of pure
Bonjour, Swifties! Paris Awaits with the Eras Tour!
Come over at Get ready to “enchanter” your Parisian adventure with the must-have merch c
Parisian Cafes Offering The Most Comfort for Coffee Lovers
Come over at We have searched for places that are the most snug you could ever be when drinking coff
Feel Pulse Of Paris. An Unmatched Concert Venue In La Défense.
Come over at Discover the ultimate fusion of elegance and excitement at Paris La Défense Arena, whe
French Chic. An intro to Parisian Fashion.
Come over at Paris. Considered to be the fashion capital of the world. Fashion show, défilé de mode, an
Decoding The Digital. Distinguishing Computer Science And Information Technology In Society And Industry.
Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT) are closely related fields but differ in their scope, focus, and t
To Build A Better AI Helper, Start By Modeling The Irrational Behavior Of Humans
A new technique can be used to predict the actions of human or AI agents who behave suboptimally while working toward un
Sui Teams Up with Google Cloud to Drive Web3 Innovation with Enhanced Security, Scalability and AI Capabilities
Collaboration focuses on tackling key Web3 challenges through data-driven insights, AI-powered development tools and zer
The Hidden Economy Of Open Source Software
The recent discovery of a backdoor in XZ Utils (CVE-2024-3094), a data compression utility used by a wide arra
Canonical Releases Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Noble Numbat
Canonical’s 10th Long Term Supported release sets a new standard in performance engineering, enterprise security and d
Using Deep Learning To Image The Earth’s Planetary Boundary Layer
Lincoln Laboratory researchers are using AI to get a better picture of the atmospheric layer closest to Earth’s su
The Coca-Cola Company And Microsoft Announce Five-year Strategic Partnership To Accelerate Cloud And Generative AI Initiatives
The Coca-Cola Company and Microsoft announce five-year strategic partnership to accelerate cloud and generative AI initi
Intel Brings AI-Platform Innovation to Life at the Olympic Games
PARIS, April 17, 2024 – Today, Intel announced its plans for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024. Bringing AI
Joint Statement: Policymakers Must Stimulate Advanced Connectivity and Digitalization to Secure Europe’s Competitiveness
• Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia, and Vodafone call for policymakers to stimulate advanced connectivity and digitalizatio
A Glass And A Plate. The Harmonious Blend Of French Wine And Food.
We would like to thank our generous sponsors for making this article possible. The art of enjoying French wines extends
Canonical Announces Collaboration With Qualcomm
The collaboration will bring Ubuntu and Ubuntu Core to devices powered by Qualcomm® processors Today Canonical, th
From Brie To Roquefort. Celebrating The Diversity Of French Cheeses.
We would like to thank our generous sponsors for making this article possible. French cheese, an emblem of gastronomic e
Coffee. The Ambrosia of Mortals.
We would like to thank our generous sponsors for making this article possible. Coffee has been loved by so many, but why
Canonical launches Ubuntu Pro for Devices
New subscription for IoT deployments brings security and long term compliance to the most advanced open source stack&nbs
From Vine To Glass. The Art And Soul Of French Wines.
We would like to thank our generous sponsors for making this article possible. French wines are not merely beverages; th
The Gourmet Guide To Cheese. Savouring The Best Varieties From Around The World.
We would like to thank our generous sponsors for making this article possible. Cheese, with its rich flavours and divers
Elixirs Of The Earth. A Look Into Wine Diversity.
We would like to thank our generous sponsors for making this article possible. Wine, one of the oldest and most diverse