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AI, chess and human.

To Build A Better AI Helper, Start By Modeling The Irrational Behavior Of Humans

A new technique can be used to predict the actions of human or AI agents who behave suboptimally while working toward un

Using Deep Learning To Image The Earth’s Planetary Boundary Layer

Lincoln Laboratory researchers are using AI to get a better picture of the atmospheric layer closest to Earth’s su

Model Innovators: How Digital Twins Are Making Industries More Efficient

From Taiwan to Germany, companies are seeing the benefits of physics-informed models and simulations with NVIDIA Modulus

What’s Next (Maybe) For Generative AI, Foundation Models, Large Language Models, et al. v0.1.

The trajectory beyond Large Language Models (LLMs) involves advancements across technical, engineering, infrastructure,

On-Device ML Research With MLX And Swift

The Swift programming language has a lot of potential to be used for machine learning research because it combines the e
Large Language Model

AWS Is Readying LLM-Based Debugger For Databases To Take On OpenAI

AWS researchers have published a paper that pitches a proprietary LLM-based debugger, dubbed Panda, against OpenAI’s G

AI Agents Help Explain Other AI Systems

MIT researchers introduce a method that uses artificial intelligence to automate the explanation of complex neural netwo

AI Accelerates Problem-Solving In Complex Scenarios

A new, data-driven approach could lead to better solutions for tricky optimization problems like global package routing

IBM And NASA Are Building An AI Foundation Model For Weather And Climate

The goal is to improve the speed, accuracy, and accessibility of weather forecasting and other climate applications. Fou

Huawei’s Core Network Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) Ranked No.1 By ABI Research

[Shenzhen, China, December 1, 2023] ABI Research, a world-renowned consulting firm, just released the industry’s f

The Importance Of Data In Machine Learning: Fueling The AI Revolution

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, one undeniable truth stands out: data is the lifeblood of mac

IBM And VMware Help Enterprises Adopt Generative AI With Watsonx On Premises

IBM and VMware are working together to bring IBM watsonx to on-premises environments on VMware® Private AI and Red

Azure Sets A Scale Record In Large Language Model Training

Azure empowers intelligent services like Microsoft Copilot, Bing, and Azure OpenAI Service that

XGSleeve: Harnessing The Power Of Hidden Markov Models In Shale Oil Production

In recent decades, the Canadian energy sector has witnessed a substantial annual increase of 40,000 barrels per day in s

Five Strategies To Become Top ML Backend Engineer

Machine Learning (ML) backend engineers have found themselves at the forefront of progress in today’s rapidly chan

Intel Joins the MLCommons AI Safety Working Group

Intel joins group of leading AI industry and academia experts to establish standard AI safety benchmarks that will guide

AI in the Classroom: Amii’s K-12 Pilot Program

There is growing debate about AI in the classroom New technologies have always made their way into the classroom. From c

New Dog, Old Tricks: New AI Approach Yields ‘Athletically Intelligent’ Robotic Dog

With a simplified machine learning technique, AI researchers created a real-world “robodog” able to leap, climb, cra

Red Hat Named a Leader in Multicloud Container Platforms by Independent Research Firm

 Red Hat OpenShift recognized with the highest score possible in 29 of 32 criteria, including developer experience,

Bring AI To Looker With The Machine Learning Accelerator

Machine learning opens up opportunities to get more value out of data, and business users are eager to see that value. H

Canonical releases Charmed MLFlow

London, United Kingdom, 26 September 2023. Canonical announced today that Charmed MLFlow, Canonical’s distributio
Microsoft and Adobe

Microsoft And Adobe Partner To Deliver Cost Savings And Business Benefits

Delivering quality end-to-end digital experiences can be challenging for multiple reasons including lack of resources, l

UK Space Sector Has Sights Set On Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Professionals

New recruits with skills in AI and machine learning are in high demand to harness the benefits of emerging technologies

How Verve Group Transforms Customer Experiences With Google Cloud Vertex AI

Verve Group is an ecosystem of demand and supply technologies fusing data, media, and technology to deliver results

ListenField Enables Farmers To Harvest The Benefits Of AI And Machine Learning

When I was growing up in Thailand, I witnessed the challenges facing farmers including rising food demand, shortage of l

Red Hat OpenShift Now Available In AWS Marketplace For The U.S. Intelligence Community

Industry’s leading hybrid cloud application platform helps agencies scale modernization efforts while mitigating poten

Series Of Events Will Highlight Generative AI Use Cases Powered By Open Source Software

London, UK. 6 September 2023. Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, is launching its first AI roadshow. The series of

Introducing Duet AI In Apigee API Management And Application Integration

For years, Google Cloud’s Apigee API Management has been helping customers around the globe build APIs for diverse use

IBM Introduces ‘Watsonx Your Business’

New Advertising Reinforces the Transformative Power of Innovative AI Solutions Tailored to Business ARMONK, N.Y., 

An AI Dilemma: How To Implement Generative AI Tools Safely And Ethically

Artificial intelligence is being used in all sorts of ways, from chatbots and virtual assistants to self-driving cars, a

Using Machine Learning To Help ZSL & Network Rail Monitor And Improve Biodiversity Near British Railways

Image credit: Example of a Common Pipistrellus Bat, si

End-to-End Secure Evaluation of Code Generation Models

With MosaicML, you can now evaluate LLMs and Code Generation Models on code generation tasks (such as HumanEval, with MB

The Essential Skills Every Machine Learning Engineer Should Learn

Machine learning has exploded in popularity and applicability over the last decade. As more companies rush to integrate

IBM Plans To Make Llama 2 Available Within Its Watsonx AI And Data Platform

ARMONK, N.Y., Aug. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As part of the continued roll-out of our enterprise-ready AI a

Using AI To Protect Against AI Image Manipulation

Rachel Gordon | MIT CSAILMIT News “PhotoGuard,” developed by MIT CSAIL researchers, prevents unauthorized image mani

The Machine(s) Has/Have Truly Won.

I just realised that the tables have really turned. The machine(s) has/have won. ( There is a reason for that <=== ).

Kubeflow Joins The CNCF Family

We are thrilled to announce a major milestone in the journey of the Kubeflow project. After a comprehensive review

Training LLMs With AMD MI250 GPUs And MosaicML

With the release of PyTorch 2.0 and ROCm 5.4, we are excited to announce that LLM training works out of the box on AMD M

4th Gen Intel Xeon Momentum Grows in the Cloud

4th Gen Xeon powers new Amazon EC2 M7i-flex and M7i instances that deliver customers greater performance, lower TCO and

Offering Free AI Training For Everyone In The UK

Jonny Cottom knows the juggle involved with running a start-up single handedly. Since launching BreakBottle, an eco

Build Intelligent Applications With Neo4j Knowledge Graphs And Google Cloud Generative AI

In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to use two technologies together: The generative AI functionality in Go
Conversation bubble

How An International Fashion Company Transforms Customer Service Experiences With Conversational AI

LPP S.A. (LPP), a Polish international fashion company that manages five clothing brands, maintains an extensive e-comme

Streamlining ML Development With Feast

This post is the first in a short series of blog posts about Feast on Google Cloud. In this first blog post, we describe
Machine learning | Water color painting of an artist learning

Making Sense of AI Buzzwords – Explanations of Machine, Reinforcement and Deep Learning

Machine learning, reinforcement learning, and deep learning are interconnected subfields of artificial intelligence, e
AI Toolbox

A Guide to Key Terms in Generative AI and Large Language Models

Here is a list of common terms and concepts related to conversational AI, large language models, and generative AI: Natu
Meta and Llama 2

Microsoft And Meta Expand Their AI Partnership With Llama 2 On Azure And Windows

In recent months, the remarkable strides made in AI innovation have ignited a wave of transformative possibilities, capt

Announcing MPT-7B-8K: 8K Context Length For Document Understanding

Today, we are releasing MPT-7B-8K, a 7B parameter open-source LLM with 8k context length trained with the MosaicML platf

Improving Telecom Customer Experiences With AI/ML-Powered Insights

The race to increase global mobile broadband access has been on for years. As more people depend daily on fast, reliable