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Simplify Speech Analytics With BigQuery, Powered By Vertex AI

Businesses generate massive amounts of speech data every day, from customer calls to product demos to sales pitches. This data can transform your business by improving customer satisfaction, helping you prioritize product improvements and streamline business processes. While AI models have…

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Applying Generative AI To Product Design With BigQuery DataFrames

For any company, naming a product or service is complex and time-consuming. This process is particularly challenging in the pharmaceutical industry. Typically, companies start by brainstorming and researching thousands of names. They must ensure that the names are unique, compliant with…

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Reimagine Data Analytics For The Era Of AI

The emergence of generative AI is poised to become one of the most significant technological shifts in modern memory, opening up endless transformative possibilities for enterprises. Our customers are already seeing incredible benefits with AI. Organizations like TIME are exploring new possibilities with…

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Build An Image Data Classification Model With BigQuery ML

There are countless use cases for capturing, storing, and classifying unstructured image data — think social media analytics to find missing people, image analytics for tracking road traffic, or media analytics for e-commerce recommendations, to name a few. Most organizations are…

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Faster Together: How Dun & Bradstreet Datasets Accelerate Your Real-Time Insights

At the third annual Google Data Cloud and AI Summit, we shared how data analytics and insights continue to be a key focus area for our customers and how we’re accelerating their data journeys through new product innovations and partner offerings.  A…

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Seeing The World: Vertex AI Vision Developer Toolkit

Over the past few years, breakthroughs in computer vision and video analytics have generated a lot of interest – and put attention on Developers who work with large amounts of video assets. Unfortunately, many of the benefits of these breakthroughs in…

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Solving For The Next Era Of Innovation And Efficiency With Data And AI

Even in today’s changing business climate, our customers’ needs have never been more clear: They want to reduce operating costs, boost revenue, and transform customer experiences. Today, at our third annual Google Data Cloud & AI Summit, we are announcing new…

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BigQuery Under The Hood: Behind The Serverless Storage And Query Optimizations That Supercharge Performance

Customers love the way BigQuery makes it easy for them to do hard things — from BigQuery Machine Learning (BQML) SQL turning data analysts into data scientists, to rich text analytics using the SEARCH function that unlocks ad-hoc text searches on…

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Built With BigQuery: How Sift Delivers Fraud Detection Workflow Backtesting At Scale

Sift is one of the leaders in digital trust and safety, that empower digital disruptors of Fortune 500 companies to unlock new revenue without risk using machine learning to provide fraud detection services. Sift dynamically prevents fraud for many abuse categories…

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Sentiment Analysis With BigQuery ML

Introduction We recently announced BigQuery support for sparse features which help users to store and process the sparse features efficiently while working with them. That functionality enables users to represent sparse tensors and train machine learning models directly in the BigQuery…

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