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GitLab And Google Cloud Partner To Expand AI-Assisted Capabilities With Customizable Gen AI Foundation Models

GitLab Inc., the most comprehensive, scalable enterprise DevSecOps platform for software innovation, and Google Cloud today announced an extension of its strategic partnership to deliver secure AI offerings to the enterprise. GitLab is trusted by more than 50% of the Fortune…

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New AI Agents Can Drive Business Results Faster: Translation Hub, Document AI, And Contact Center AI

When it comes to the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), we have reached a tipping point. Technologies that were once accessible to only a few are now broadly available. This has led to an explosion in AI investment. However, according to research…

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Build, Deploy, And Scale ML Models Faster With Vertex AI’s New Training Features

Vertex AI includes over a dozen powerful MLOps tools in one unified interface, so you can build, deploy, and scale ML models faster. We’re constantly updating these tools, and we recently enhanced Vertex AI Training with an improved Local Mode to speed up your debugging…

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11 Ways We’re Innovating With AI

AI is integral to so much of the work we do at Google. Fundamental advances in computing are helping us confront some of the greatest challenges of this century, like climate change. Meanwhile, AI is also powering updates across our products,…

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Cash App Uses Google Cloud To Power Mobile Payments Innovation And research

Mobile payments are creating opportunities to reach and benefit more people worldwide by providing services to underbanked communities, and empowering streamlined services in e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. Square, a U.S.-based financial services company that specializes in payment software and hardware products,…

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Beyond COVID-19, Retail Looks To Transform With AI/ML

The global retail industry, which has grappled with waves of change over the past decade, is facing one of its most dynamic and unpredictable periods to date. When I speak with retail executives, some are thriving, some are surviving, and some…

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How AI, And Specifically BERT, Helps The Patent Industry

In recent years the patent industry has begun to use machine-learning (ML) algorithms to add efficiency and insights to business practices. Any company, patent office, or academic institution that works with patents—generating them through innovation, processing applications about them, or developing…

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Google Cloud AI Digitizes StoryCorps Archive: Largest Collection Of Human Voices On Planet

For many of us the holiday season will look different this year, separated from the people we love. If you’re in this boat too—mitigating the spread of the coronavirus—thank you and we hope the following story might offer an alternative, but…

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How Waze Predicts Carpools With Google Cloud’s AI Platform

Waze’s mission is to eliminate traffic and we believe our carpool feature is a cornerstone that will help us achieve it. In our carpool apps, a rider (or a driver) is presented with a list of users that are relevant for…

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