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MIT Launches Working Group On Generative AI And The Work Of The Future

New initiative is convening leading companies and nonprofits with support from Google’s Community Grants Fund. MIT Industrial Performance CenterMIT News (https://news.mit.edu/2024/mit-launches-working-group-generative-ai-and-work-of-the-future-0328( From students crafting essays and engineers writing code to call center operators responding to customers, generative artificial intelligence tools have…

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Learning How To Learn

In a new book, Richard “Dick” Larson draws on a lifelong commitment to STEM education at MIT to offer accessible advice on solving everyday problems and making smarter decisions. Scott Murray | Institute for Data, Systems, and SocietyMIT News (https://news.mit.edu/2023/learning-how-to-learn-model-thinking-1019) Suppose…

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Abel Sanchez | MIT News

Making Sense Of All Things Data

“Putting our arms around what digital transformation is can be difficult to do,” says Abel Sanchez.Credits:Photo: David Sella/MIT Corporate Relations Abel Sanchez helps industries and executives shift their operations in order to make sense of their data and use it to…

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Computer Vision System Marries Image Recognition And Generation

MAGE merges the two key tasks of image generation and recognition, typically trained separately, into a single system. Rachel Gordon | MIT CSAIL Computers possess two remarkable capabilities with respect to images: They can both identify them and generate them anew. Historically, these…

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MIT News Pillar Seed Funding

MIT-Pillar AI Collective Announces First Seed Grant Recipients

Mary Beth Gallagher | School of Engineering (MIT News) Six teams conducting research in AI, data science, and machine learning receive funding for projects that have potential commercial applications. The MIT-Pillar AI Collective has announced its first six grant recipients. Students, alumni, and…

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Jet | Aircraft | Stalize

A Step Toward Safe And Reliable Autopilots For Flying

MIT researchers developed a machine-learning technique that can autonomously drive a car or fly a plane through a very difficult “stabilize-avoid” scenario, in which the vehicle must stabilize its trajectory to arrive at and stay within some goal region, while avoiding…

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Helping Robots Handle Fluids

Researchers create a new simulation tool for robots to manipulate complex fluids in a step toward helping them more effortlessly assist with daily tasks. By: Rachel Gordon | MIT CSAIL MIT News (https://news.mit.edu/2023/helping-robots-handle-fluids-0524) Imagine you’re enjoying a picnic by a riverbank…

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A Better Way To Study Ocean Currents

A new machine-learning model makes more accurate predictions about ocean currents, which could help with tracking plastic pollution and oil spills, and aid in search and rescue. Computer scientists at MIT joined forces with oceanographers to develop a machine-learning model that…

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An AI Challenge Only Humans Can Solve

In their new book, “Power and Progress,” Daron Acemoglu and Simon Johnson ask whether the benefits of AI will be shared widely or feed inequality. Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office The Dark Ages were not entirely dark. Advances in agriculture…

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Open-Source Platform Simulates Wildlife For Soft Robotics Designers

Since the term “soft robotics” was adopted in 2008, engineers in the field have been building diverse representations of flexible machines useful in exploration, locomotion, rehabilitation, and even space. One source of inspiration: the way animals move in the wild. A team of…

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