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NUS Engineers Bring A Soft Touch To Commercial Robotics

Inspired by the dexterity of a human hand, the NUS team has developed a hybrid robotic gripper which can be reconfigured on demand to pick and place a wide range of delicate food items. Inspired by the natural dexterity of the…

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Singapore Researchers Look To Intel Neuromorphic Computing To Help Enable Robots That ‘Feel’

Two researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS), who are members of the Intel Neuromorphic Research Community (INRC), presented new findings demonstrating the promise of event-based vision and touch sensing in combination with Intel’s neuromorphic processing for robotics. The work…

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Social Media, Nature, And Life Satisfaction: Positive Connection Between Nature Experiences And Happiness

The economic and ecological impacts of nature on humans have long been established with prevalent environmental issues such as climate change and over-exploitation of natural resources being the first to cross one’s mind. On the other hand, much less attention has been…

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Using Machine Learning Tools To Reveal How Memories Are Coded In The Brain

Researchers working in The N.1 Institute for Health at the National University Of Singapore (NUS), led by Assistant Professor Camilo Libedinsky from NUS Psychology, and Senior Lecturer Shih-Cheng Yen from the Innovation and Design Programme at NUS Engineering, have discovered that a population of…

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