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NIRCam Image of the “Cosmic Cliffs” in Carina

Stars Made Us, And, We Made Stars.

In life’s grand weave, where fate’s threads play,A dance of dreams, luck’s fleeting sway,Stars may guide, but do not bind,In our hearts, our paths we find. Born to chance, yet not its slave,Bold we stand, steadfast and brave,Here and now, our…

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Craftsman working on a tool workshop

To You, Out There

To you, great wanderers of our worldNot quite here, yet not quite thereYour past keeps with you, its holdYour future beckons you to God knows where To you, architects & builders of our timeNot quite old, yet not quite newYour sentimentality…

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Everything’s Impossible Until It Isn’t – Read A Captivating Poem By Harry Baker

In the realm of spoken word poetry, there are few names that resonate as powerfully as Harry Baker. With his razor-sharp wit, magnetic stage presence, and uncanny ability to turn words into vivid emotions, Baker has carved a niche for himself…

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Find Your Inner Poet With Help From America’s Greats

Behold! the living thrilling lines That course the blood like madd’ning wines, And leap with scintillating spray Across the guards of ecstasy. The flame that lights the lurid spell Springs from the soul’s artesian well, Its fairy filament of art Entwines…

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