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Unleashing creativity

Unleashing Creativity In Environmental Global Political Economy. Part 1.

Exploring Unconventional Solutions Within Current Political And Economic Structures. The environment is considered within International Political Economy (IPE) discourse from several different angles, taking into account the complexity of the climate emergency. IPE focuses on how political and economic theories and…

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What Policymakers Need To Know About Foundation Models

The last few years—even the last few months—have seen artificial intelligence (AI) breakthroughs come at a dizzying pace. AI that can generate paragraphs of text as well as a human, create realistic imagery and video from text, or perform hundreds of…

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How To Prevent Discriminatory Outcomes In Machine Learning

As machine learning (ML) systems continue to improve, its integration to systems making up the society becomes more seamless. Right now, ML is involved in making critical decisions such as court decisions and job hirings. Without a doubt, using ML in…

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