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Detail Of Surreal Computer Cpu.

Stanford Researchers Combine Processors And Memory On Multiple Hybrid Chips To Run AI On Battery-Powered Smart Devices

Smartwatches and other battery-powered electronics would be even smarter if they could run AI algorithms. But efforts to build AI-capable chips for mobile devices have so far hit a wall – the so-called “memory wall” that separates data processing and memory…

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Stanford Engineers Have Developed A Genetic Microlab That Can Detect COVID-19 In Minutes

Throughout the pandemic, infectious disease experts and frontline medical workers have asked for a faster, cheaper and more reliable COVID-19 test. Now, leveraging the so-called “lab on a chip” technology and the cutting-edge genetic editing technique known as CRISPR, researchers at…

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Stanford Materials Scientists Borrow Solar Panel Tech To Create New Ultrahigh-res OLED Display

Repurposed solar panel research could be the foundation for a new ultrahigh-resolution microdisplay. The OLED display would feature brighter images with purer colors and more than 10,000 pixels per inch. By expanding on existing designs for electrodes of ultra-thin solar panels,…

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Stanford Scientists Anticipate The Mars 2020 Rover Launch

Despite a global pandemic and some technical delays, NASA’s 2020 Mars Rover – the aptly named Perseverance – is scheduled to launch this summer (currently slated for July 30) on a groundbreaking endeavor. Traveling from Earth to Mars is best done…

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Stanford Researchers Harness Satellite Imagery And AI To Help Fight Poverty In Africa

In combating poverty, like any fight, it’s good to know the locations of your targets. That’s why Stanford scholars Marshall Burke, David Lobell and Stefano Ermon have spent the past five years leading a team of researchers to home in on an efficient way to find…

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Stanford Engineers Create Shape-Changing, Free-roaming Soft Robot

Advances in soft robotics could someday allow robots to work alongside humans, helping them lift heavy objects or carrying them out of danger. As a step toward that future, Stanford University researchers have developed a new kind of soft robot that,…

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