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Of Nuggets And Tenders. To Know Or Not To Know, Is Not The Question. How To Become, Is.

Join us at GoSwifties.com It happened truly by accident, that what began as a pure data and analytical indulgence, became something interesting, at least to us here at GoSwifties. We were interested in the art but also the graft of what it…

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From The Heart of Stockholm To Welcoming City Of Seven Hills

Join us at GoSwifties.com Dear Stockholm, Thank you for the warmth and enthusiasm that filled every moment of our event. Your beautiful city not only hosted our concert but made us feel at home with its incredible spirit and hospitality. We are…

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GoSwifties, Beneath And Beyond Celebrity, A Delayed Prelude.

Come over at GoSwifties.com I can barely remember how, how it all began, but on one coffee drunken afternoon, while the usual polycrisis ran, which world has turned normal, AI doom and wars, pandemic and its scars, we thought … what is…

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Stockholm Guide for the Swifties: Get Ready for It in Swiftholm!

Come over at GoSwifties.com Dear Paris, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible embrace you have given us. Your streets sang with us, and your lights danced to our rhythm. We are eternally grateful for the magical moments…

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A Nescafe Minute. An Ally For Getting Through My Day.

Come over at GoSwifties.com We live in a moment – not even a time worthy of being called an age, eon, or era yet – where the human spirit of creativity and imagination is under threat to the guile of uncertain provenance….

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Maximise Your Festival Fun. A Complete Guide To Perfect Preparation.

Come over at GoSwifties.com Gear up for an unforgettable festival or concert experience with our essential preparation guide! From securing your tickets to packing the right gear, we cover all the bases so you can enjoy the music and festivities without a…

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Paris Unveiled. The Ultimate Guide To Exploring The City Of Light.

Come over at GoSwifties.com Plan your After ERAS Concert Shake It Off Tour Ideas Of Paris. Paris, the enchanting ‘City of Light,’ captures the hearts of visitors with its historical treasures, artistic marvels, and vibrant neighbourhoods. Whether it’s savouring a pastry by…

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Celebrating The Essence Of France That Shaped Its Culture.

Come over at GoSwifties.com With a blend of timeless traditions and modern flair, French culture stands as an exemplar of global influence. Its nuanced language, iconic gastronomy, intellectual tradition, and celebrated arts blend elegance and innovation. 1. Language And Communication. French Language….

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Artistic Movements From France That Shaped The World.

Come over at GoSwifties.com France stands at the crossroads of artistic and musical innovation, leading the world with its transformative styles, groundbreaking movements, and rich cultural heritage. From the luminous brushstrokes of Impressionism to the harmonious melodies of chanson, let’s explore the…

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France’s Legacy of Innovation. Celebrating Pioneering Technologies And Inventions.

Come over at GoSwifties.com From the invention of the hot air balloon to pioneering the world of photography and cinema, France has a storied legacy of innovation that has shaped modern technology. Join us as we journey through a remarkable timeline of…

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