R is a popular open-source programming and software environment geared towards statistical computing and graphics. Learning R is helpful since it has an array of packages which could assist you in data cleanup, analysis, presentation, among other tasks. Another plus in favour of R is that it is free.

Now, we will go through how R is installed in a device running Ubuntu.


  • Ubuntu 18
  • sudo privileges


01. Open the terminal window.


02. Execute the following to update the package lists

$ sudo apt-get update


03. After the update, execute the following to install R,

$ sudo apt-get install r-base


04. Press “Y” in the succeeding prompt to proceed to the installation,


05. After this, you have successfully installed base R and you can now access it after the prompt.


Installing RStudio

People would normally use an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to make coding easier in R. For beginners, using an IDE is also ideal. A popular IDE is RStudio.

Here are the steps in installing RStudio in your Ubuntu device,


01. Download RStudio.


02. Click the .deb file and install RStudio.


03. Wait for a few minutes to install. Afterwards, you can access RStudio after the prompt.

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