Google Cloud Next 2019 | Education Sessions

Google Cloud Next 2019 | Cloud Native Application Development, Delivery and Persistent Storage

We will focus on 3 major topics in this technical, interactive session around application development, delivery and persistent storage in cloud native environments.

Through demos, and new product/feature announcements, we will cover:

– Building an open application management platform for developers using Kubernetes, Istio and Knative with persistent storage capabilities to automate the dev lifecycle: code commit to running app.
– Solving enterprise container registry management challenges by building on Harbor, providing a consistent experience across cloud environments and the role of persistent storage.
– Federating between clouds, regions & clusters with a service mesh foundation built on Istio.


– Simplifying the dev lifecycle using NetApp’s application management platform built on open tools
– Enterprise registry management
– Setting up multi cluster federation for load balancing, testing and fault tolerance

Speaker(s): Matt Baldwin, Dan Norris, Joonas Bergius, Alim Karim

Session ID: HYB219

Citi I/O



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