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Google Cloud Next 2019 | Making Books Accessible to the Visually Impaired

Make books accessible to the visually impaired via a user friendly Google Home device where users can search for a book and play it. This is a project being coordinated by the Library of Congress (NLS) for the Daisy Consortium ( — an international consortium of talking book libraries. Users can issue commands like pause or rewind. Learn how Dialogflow was used in this solution and made accessible almost 1 TB of audio files via Google Assistant and Google Home. Learn how a production-grade Dialogflow solution was implemented – what are the challenges, what development and testing process should be followed to get a quality app deployed.

Speaker(s): Prabhu Palanisamy, Amit Deshpande, Colleen Shogan, Dan Orbach

Session ID: MLAI217

Product:Dialogflow Enterprise Edition,Cloud Functions,Cloud Filestore,Assistant;

Citi I/O



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