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Google Cloud Next 2019 | Networking On Cloud: Unity’s Networking Journey On GCP

Unity has a global team across five continents with over six business units that have more than 50 aggregated services managed by different teams. Now what makes this migration journey interesting is that the entire infrastructure and security was managed and enforced by a team of four people. The network design was complex, as every workload had different SLAs and security requirements. Hence, careful network planning was required, from IP addressing to HA, DR, shared services, and security policing. But the hardest part was its enforcement and automated deployment as the team’s requirements changed. This was made possible through a web application created by the Unity team that takes user input and automates project creation, firewall rules, service accounts, and more by triggering a pull request, which further triggers TF code deployment. In addition to this, Unity used only open-source software (Quagga running on VMs and FRRouting router as containers) and cloud routers to connect across different cloud vendors without compromising on enterprise-grade SLA and hence saving money on hardware and license costs.

Speaker(s): Davis Pynadath, Ananth Sundarrajan, Ariel Wei

Session ID: ARC213

Product:Cloud Virtual Network,Cloud NAT,Cloud For Enterprise;

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