Microsoft Build 2019 | Want to *actually* do machine learning? Wrangle data build models and deploy them

Session ID: BRK2005


Everyone wants to do machine learning, but what does it actually take to make it a reality? Azure Machine Learning service accelerates the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle, enabling data scientists and developers to quickly experiment, iterate, and innovate together. We’ll discuss what it takes in practice to do machine learning at scale from data to deployment.

We’ll walk through an example of how Azure Machine Learning service can speed up each step in your machine learning process from data prep, to model creation, to deployment, to management and finally to monitoring. In doing so, we’ll showcase key new features that democratize AI, allow mixed-skill teams to collaborate, and enable ML Ops. We’ll share these notebooks so you can start experimenting yourself. With Azure ML, you’ll be able to *actually* do machine learning.

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