Tons of technologies are emerging in all kinds of different fields. To keep up without getting overwhelmed is a challenge. Every new step is labeled as “the next big thing”. Can’t blame anyone there tho. When we are trying to move ahead so aggressively in all the so-called efficient ways possible. When we don’t even want to spare a few seconds to waste. Sounds strong but it’s true how our world is desperate for technological advancement. And thus its bearers are not wrong while predicting big changes for the near future.

Here we have brought a small light read for you. It will help you understand in minutes, what’s leading the fourth industrial revolution.

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It is expected by 2025 an additional 4.3 billion people will have access to mobile connectivity. As we will see mobile computing devices dominating over internet connectivity and beyond. Interfaces, formats, sensors, and apps will evolve to suit this major adaptation.

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The virtual and augmented reality industry has a market of $7 billion right now. Goldman Sachs bets it will become $80 billion by 2025. The technological infrastructure will experience major upgrades. While the ecosystem of apps will form for consumers and enterprises alike.

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AI and ML and user interfaces like speech, gesture recognition, voice, neural network, etc will undergo major collaboration while advancing together. This will enhance productivity, eliminate knowledge works and increase automation.

Cloud tech and its talks have been in the air for the previous decade; that’s continuing for the next as well.

Nearly every IT service and web app can be delivered through the cloud. With more enterprises using the public cloud space as cybersecurity improves.



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You know it right! Robotics has links with AI. As artificial intelligence, machine vision, sensors, motors, hydraulics, and materials will advance. They will lead to changes in the way products and services get delivered. Naturally, the surge in tech talent for building, operating, and maintaining advanced robots will appear soon.

More than 9 billion devices are connected to the internet currently. That number is only expected to grow between 50 billion to 1 trillion in this new decade. This implies organizations will face the need to monitor and secure products, systems, devices, and even people.

Not new in the game but new in popularity. Biometric tech is here to see its biggest acceptance. A recent survey of security professionals revealed that 72 percent of companies are planning to drop traditional passwords by 2025. This will lead to a rise in fresh authorization services. It will include the face, eye, voice, hand, and signature identifications.

Sounds fun and is fun too. 3D printed goods have the potential to bring dramatic changes in the manufacturing industry. It can enable unprecedented levels of mass customization and remarkably reduce the cost of supply chains. With the potential to generate an estimated economic impact of $230 to $550 billion annually.

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Bitcoin is the best-believed representation of virtual currency. However, blockchain tech is much more and is going to go much beyond in the coming years. Currently, a recent report showed 64 different use cases of blockchain across 200 companies. Streamlined, secure contracting and transacting will drive commercial use of blockchain.

Ever heard of the term before? No worries you already know what it means — Genetic engineering technology. This tech sphere will grow with faster computer processing speeds. DNA sequencing technologies and advanced analytics will improve agricultural production, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and extend human life expectancy.

See you again 😉

it’s true not every upcoming tech will change the business or social ecosystem. But most of them will certainly impact the present state. By reshaping the ways of living and working while rearranging value pools.

We have reached the end of our list. Did any of the above surprise you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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