All Data Cloud, All The Time: Recapping The Google Data Cloud & AI Summit


The Data Cloud & AI Summit is Google Cloud’s global event that showcases latest innovations and how customers are transforming their business with a unified, open and intelligent data platform. At our third annual event, we shared the latest product launches across generative AI and Data Cloud, learnings from customers and partners, and provided best practices to support your data driven transformation. In case you missed it, here are three highlights to help you level up your data and AI know-how.

New product innovations: A game-changer for your AI and data strategy

We announced new product innovations that can help optimize price-performance, help you take advantage of open ecosystems, securely set data standards, and bring the magic of AI and ML to existing data, while embracing a vibrant partner ecosystem. 

  1. Generative AI innovations: A range of foundation models were made available to developers and data scientists through Generative AI support on Vertex AI — developers benefit from easy API access and data scientists have a full suite of tuning options for customizing foundation models. Gen App Builder is a brand new offering that brings together foundation models with the power of search and conversation AI to enable enterprises to develop new generative AI apps. 
  2. BigQuery Editions provide more choice and flexibility for you to select the right feature set for various workload requirements. Mix and match among Standard, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus editions to achieve the preferred price-performance by workload. We also introduced innovations for autoscaling and a new compressed storage billing model.
  3. AlloyDB Omni, a downloadable edition of AlloyDB designed to run on-premises, at the edge, across clouds, or even on developer laptops. AlloyDB Omni offers the AlloyDB benefits you’ve come to love, including high performance, PostgreSQL compatibility, and Google Cloud support, all at a fraction of the cost of legacy databases. 
  4. Looker Modeler allows you to define metrics about your business using Looker’s innovative semantic modeling layer. Looker Modeler is the single source of truth for your metrics, which you can share with the BI tools of your choice, such as PowerBI, Tableau, and ThoughtSpot, or Google solutions like Connected Sheets and Looker Studio, providing you with quality data to make informed decisions.
  5. New partnerships: Over 900 software partners power their applications using Google’s Data Cloud. We announced partnerships to bring more choice and capabilities for customers to turn their data into insights from AI and ML, including new integrations between DataRobot and BigQuery, ThoughtSpot and multiple Google Cloud services — BigQuery, Looker, and Connected Sheets — and Google Cloud Ready for AlloyDB, a new program that recognizes partner solutions that have met stringent integration requirements with AlloyDB.
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Watch the keynotes and dive into the breakout sessions in the AI and Data Essential tracks to learn more.

Top Data Cloud customers: How Google Cloud is helping businesses thrive

Customers are at the heart of everything we do at Google Cloud. Here are some stories you might have missed from the event. Dig in!

  1., one of the largest online travel agencies, talks about how Google Cloud has been a true platform-as-a-service for their business. In this session, they highlight how BigQuery, Dataflow, and Cloud Spanner force-multiply each other when used together. BigQuery accelerated petabyte-scale queries from hours to seconds, Dataflow reduced development time and run time by 30x and Spanner reduced complexity with online schema evolution and federated queries.
  2. Dun & Bradstreet is building a data cloud with Google Cloud, a centralized data lake and unified processing platform to consolidate all its data, share it data with customers, and achieve better performance and reduce costs. Their session at the summit has all the details.
  3. Orange France, a major Telco company in France, discusses how BigQuery and Vertex AI provide the foundation to increase revenue, maximize savings and improve customer experiences.
  4. Richemont, a Switzerland-based luxury goods holding company, accelerates insights with SAP and Google Cloud Cortex Framework. In this session, Richemont talks about their innovation with advanced analytics powered by Google’s Data Cloud and how they’ve accelerated their time-to-value for their business.
  5. ShareChat, an Indian social media platform with 340 million users, leverages Spanner and Bigtable to build differentiated features rather than worrying about managing underlying databases. Using an autoscaler with Bigtable and Spanner allowed them to reduce the cost of running these systems by 70%. Some of their data science clusters running on Bigtable scale from 30 nodes to 175 nodes and then back to 30 nodes during a single day. Learn more about their story in this session.
  6. Tabnine joins CI&T, an end-to-end digital transformation partner, to discuss generative AI and why leveraging it for your developers is the ideal place to start.
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Level up your education with these resources

Looking to hone your understanding of everything data and AI?  Consider these resources.

  1. Product and solution demos – Check out these demos for inspiration and insights into how Google Cloud’s products and solutions can solve your most pressing data and AI challenges. And in case you didn’t see this end-to-end data cloud & AI demo in action, you’re in for  a treat, with methods and solutions developers can use today to unlock the power of data and AI with Google Cloud.
  2. Learning and certifications – Find your learning path. Grow your cloud skills. Continue your cloud journey with the insights, data, and solutions across everything that’s cutting edge in cloud.
  3. Hands on Labs – Try things out, without really breaking anything. Get started with Hands on Labs for products such as; BigQuery, Spanner, AlloyDB, Looker, LookML and more.

At Google Cloud, we believe that data and AI have the power to transform your business. Thank you to our customers and partners who are on this journey with us. To learn more about what you’ve read, watch the sessions on-demand and make sure to join our Data Cloud Live events series happening in a city near you. Get started at to learn how tens of thousands of customers build their data clouds using Google Cloud.

By: Anita Kibunguchy-Grant (Head of Product Marketing, Databases)
Originally published at: Google Cloud Blog

Source: Cyberpogo

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